What We'd Like To See In Medal of Honor 2

Medal of Honor has been around since 1999 if you can believe it. A WWII franchise that put first-person shooters on the console radar in the days of the PS2 has moved on to a modern setting like most war games nowadays. 2010′s reboot of the MoH franchise covered the Afghan war and the fight against the Taliban. What was hyped to be a perfect mix of Battlefield and Call of Duty turned out to be a disappointment for the hardcore FPS fan.

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Shackdaddy8362350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

I liked that part of a level last game where all you had was a knife. Have a full mission kinda around one of those types of scenarios...

InTheLab2350d ago

I'd like to see Danger Close develop an engine and create their own MP. I'd also like a return to WWII...

gcolley2350d ago

we dont even need this game