Gamer Euphoria: Gunnar Optik’s CoCo Gaming Glasses Review

Gamer Euphoria writes:

'At first I have to say I was not sure about the glasses, they were a little uncomfortable over my current glasses and with wearing a headset it was all a bit much initially. I did quickly get used to it. I spent around one hour playing Minecraft on the iMac and chatting on Skype with friends. I found initially the glasses gave a bit of a yellow tint to the screen but it wasn’t long before this became the norm. I did notice a few small things were sharper, objects in the distance for example. I did find text a little harder to read at times though. When I removed the glasses was when you really start to feel a difference. I likened it slightly to the difference between DVD and BluRay. You notice it a little at first but it is only when you go back to DVD you notice how-much better BluRay was.'

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