Origin's Bonus Bundles for Battlefield 3, Star Wars: The Old Republic and The Sims 3

Origin are offering 3 bounes bundles for a limited time with the purchase of either a 60 day Star Wars time card, Battlefield 3 or The Sims 3 Showtime pre-order.

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bub162175d ago

im gona have to try origin soon

BiggCMan2175d ago

It's a boring piece-a-shit. That's my full opinion on it. When I mean boring, I mean the layout is bland, the colors are terrible, the functionality is bad etc.. They forced everyone to get it JUST so we could play Battlefield 3, and that's bullshit. Sooner or later, we will see more companies follow that route, and have a million different Steam wannabes.

Kyosuke_Sanada2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

Your forgot spyware, have you seen the uproar it had in Europe over tax information leaks.....

Hufandpuf2175d ago

You seem to keep missing the fact that Steam did the same thing for Half Life. Stop talking out your ass. Origin may suck now but so did Steam in the beginning

Veni Vidi Vici2175d ago

What kind of bonus is that(talking about BF3 bonus)? That's garbage. How about you give people the maps that you did for pre-ordering.

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