Gotham City Impostors Review (GameInformer)

It’s hard to argue the value included with this title, as it contains a substantial shooter experience, unique weapons and gadgets, and more than enough incentive to keep playing. FPS fans that have tired of the typical shooter formula should find plenty to like about this high-flying, slapstick-heavy download.

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ninjaman9992351d ago

The games is freaking awesome thus far not to mention its beautiful (On PC) but it does have quite a few bugs to iron out not to mention on PC its using gfwl matchmaking which looks to be hampering an already awesome game ;__;

Montrealien2351d ago

Hopefully this game sells well and Warner let's Monolith make a new No one lives for ever game!

HenryFord2351d ago

Have to agree - matchmaking-only is very off-putting, at least for me. I can't imagine how bad it has to be in other countries...
Plus: playing with friends through GFWL is so... I don't know any words for it. It is freakishly bad and a huge hassle...
GFWL has to die, hope Microsoft realizes this soon as well... (as far as I know Windows 8 won't be sporting GFWL but rather XBL - don't know if anything changes really though...)

gtxgamer22351d ago

this games amazing! ima beast sniper :3 watch ya selves!

ZILLA2351d ago

i havent touched cod or mw simce the beta and cant stop playin.bought the game and the ranking doest stop at 50 it goes to 1000...yeah 1000!its ONLINE INSANITY!!