Microsoft "Cares Deeply" About Hijacked Accounts, Asks For "Trust in Us"

Kotaku - Offering the company's first detailed and dare I say it human response to a recent flood of hijacked Xbox Live accounts, Microsoft's Alex Garden, General Manager of Xbox LIVE, has issued the following statement.

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DrFUD2321d ago

LOL somebody covering this topic...I guess they deserve some credit since this topic is so taboo it borders on coming out of the closet.
But had it been Sony it wouldn't be quotes of how they care or how they are working but instead it was hate filled rambles.
And Microsoft isn't even fessing up to it yet saying they have no proof, but obviously there is because why else release a statement...LOL

PamPoovey2321d ago

Agreed if it was Sony, sites like this, IGN, Eurogamer would be all over Sonys ass

Xeoset2320d ago

The reason there isn't an uproar about this is because it was based on Kotaku's own blogspam THEORIES. Note: see hysteria.

The reason there was an uproar against the Sony hacking shenanigans was because they were absolutely irresponsible with their data. It's web development 101: protect your $4!7.


ziggurcat2320d ago

@ xeoset

sony had measures in place to protect people's information. just because someone broke into the system doesn't mean sony was "irresponsible with their data."

or are you in the habit of blaming banks or home owners whenever they get robbed/broken into?

Xeoset2320d ago


The only measure they had in place was crossing their fingers and hoping someone wouldn't crack the "universal key" to their system; a text string they themselves use to decode their own crypts. Credit where credit's due as it took the modding community years to get it, so props to Sony.

However, to use your analogy, yes I would blame banks and home owners who use the same precautions as Sony. Why build a house with a flimsy door, then line up every worldly possession you own by the door? At least put your jewelry into a lockbox or cash into a safe.

ziggurcat2319d ago

@ xeoset

the master key has nothing to do with PSN and even then, using the master key to hack your PS3 wouldn't have garnered anyone's personal information.

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ZippyZapper2320d ago

I would agree accept for the fact that there has been news about Xbox and hacking everyday on this site ever since the PSN hack.

Keep playing that "their out to get us" card though I'm sure it will work one day.

dark-hollow2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

my gamertags email password was "123456" for five years now, and i didnt experience any "hack" in any way.
so for me these talk are just random shouts on the internet.

-Alpha2320d ago

Yo Dexter, it's me, Dexter. What's our gamertag again?

CrimsonEngage2320d ago

I own all platforms and love them all. But if there is one thing I love about MS over Sony is that they always fix things really quick and i'v never had an issue with an account being hacked.

In MS we trust! :D

gtxgamer22320d ago

LOL an xbox fanboys were laughing at sony..hows it feel?