Choplifter HD Review * Brutal Gamer *

Brutal Gamer's Robbie writes:

Choplifter HD is a remake of the classic game Choplifter, amazingly enough. The HD version brings the game right up to the modern day in style. There are new 2.5D graphics to match the old side scrolling game and new missions. Although it makes good on the Choplifter name and brand it does add a little extra spice that modern gamers will like.

The story is pretty basic, sparse even, involving the player assuming the role of the titular Choplifter. Along with the player’s pilot there is a co-pilot whose main goal in life appears to be supplying you with a barrage of corny jokes and puns. Just for extra fun in each mission is a TV journalist and cameraman pair that always seem to end up in trouble. Scoop and his faithful companion supply the news network with a story if the player rescues them which manifests as a TV news-style ticker on the bottom of the screen.

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