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Brutal Gamer's Mike writes:

There are quite a few odd Japanese games that never make the jump across to the West. Even some of those that do take a long time to reach these shores. The Atlus Persona team had created one such game, Catherine, which was originally released in Japan almost a year ago, before arriving in North America last July. Finally, it’s making it’s way over to Europe, and it’s strange. Extremely strange.

Catherine sees you playing as Vincent Brooks, who has been in a relationship with a woman named Katherine (with a ‘K’) for several years. As she starts to talk of marriage and commitment, another woman, Catherine (with a C), appears and shows an attraction to Vincent. Rumours are going around that young, cheating men are dying in real life because of dying in nightmares they are having, and soon enough, Catherine’s arrival is causing Vincent to have these dreams, and supposedly the only way to not die in the dream is to get to the very top of a huge tower, something that, according to legend, only happens once every 100 years.

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