Data shows Vita's missing backward compatibility could cost Sony sales

Ars Technica were perfectly ready to speculate wildly on that very topic, but it turns out there's no need. Someone has actually crunched the numbers and tried to develop a statistical model to show just how valuable backward compatibility is for a portable system's overall market share. And the results show that Sony just might pay a price for its decision to ignore all the UMD owners out there.

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Mikhail2264d ago

If you go all digital, it functions the same way as iDevices. PSminis and PSP titles can be redownloaded for free.

KeybladeMaster2264d ago

The only two games I really cared about on the PSP was Birth by Sleep and Crisis Core and they aren't on the PS Store.

I signed this pention a few days ago and it needs more signatures if Square will take it seriously:

Mikhail2264d ago

I love those games too. I just wish Sony would force Square but I doubt that would happen. They are pretty lenient with 3rd party.

f7897902264d ago

Again, I'll promote hacking your device when it's possible.

I was able to play FF7 on my PSP a year before it was sold on the PS store. It played just fine and the battery life was insanely high.

This gen I'll be hacking my Vita and putting iso files of my PSP games onto it.

darthv722264d ago

the ability to play older titles is a bonus. This device is about moving games forward not back although I do like the idea of being able to play my existing psn games on it that i already have on my psp go.

The loss of umd support isnt that huge when you think that if you have umd's you obviously have a device that can play them. Since getting the GO i havent the need to play my umd collection as much.

I do get feel for popping in powerstone collection or metal slug anthology from time to time but the go has the games i play most right now.

Soldierone2264d ago

Trying to find a good for sure answer. So ALL downloaded PSP titles will work on the Vita right?

I plan on buying a bunch of them since I missed so many when I sold my PSP.

f7897902264d ago

I heard something about compatibility issues with some but Sony is working on it. All big titles are pretty much guaranteed to work on launch day.

Knushwood Butt2263d ago

Almost all from what I can tell.

I have the digital version of SNK Arcade Classics, which for some reason (presumably emulation issues) is not possible to copy over to my Vita, but that's the only one I'm personally aware of.

To be honest though, what with the Vita full games and demos I have, I really haven't played any PSP stuff on my Vita bar about 30 minutes of Peace Walker.

rexbolt2264d ago

ACULLY psp gaes cant be redownloaded for free theres a fee of 12 dollers if im not istaken or was it 5

Neko_Mega2264d ago

Zero fee, I have redownload my stuff more then ten times.

I don't see the lack off a BC for UMD being a big deal, that is like saying DSI would do bad because it lack GBA support.

SactoGamer2264d ago

The lack of UMD support is the main reason why I'm not saving up any money to buy a Vita.

zeal0us2264d ago

You know there's nothing stop you from playing your UMDs on your PSP.

SactoGamer2264d ago

Let's just say I don't want to carry around a PSP-2000 and a PSP Vita at the same time when I travel just to play PSP games.

yesmynameissumo2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

I know when I buy a new portable, I want to play the old games from the previous portable I've already played/beaten. Do they really expect me to use the Vita to play Vita games? Or download PSP games I don't own and play them on the Vita?

And why would you carry a Vita and a PSP while you travel if you just want to play PSP games? Do you really have to try and find a reason to moan?

FriedGoat2263d ago

@yesmynameissumo Added battery life, also if you have the UMDs anyway (which im assuming you would if your complaining here) its FREE. Jesus this argument is stupid.

knifefight2264d ago

People reading game websites don't realize that they are a little more hardcore about gaming than Joe Everyman. Your view, while probably not popular on N4G, is shared more commonly than people leaving comments on game sites will ever realize.

eferreira2264d ago

why would you carry so many games at once, cant live without both devices? My vita will for vita games, what its designed for. If your going to cry over a little thing of bc. Then you're missing out on a great handheld.

knifefight2264d ago

Equating criticism with "crying" and assuming those being critical "cant live without both" is presumptuous at best, dickish at worst.

People can disagree without making sweeping generalizations about each other's intents and lifestyles.

ThePhuq2264d ago

That's why I love my 3DS. Allows me to still play my massive library of DS games without having to lug around two handhelds.

AbyssGravelord2264d ago

except you have to lug around all of your little DS cartridges.

darthv722264d ago

to be fair, that is why the ds carts are little. Easier to lug around 10-15 ds carts than it is 10-15 umd discs.

MasterCornholio2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

He could also just get a flash cart and download the games he already bought. That way he can carry his collection with him without worrying about multiple cartridges.

But anyways. It is sad that the Vita isn't backwards compatible but axing the UMD drive was necessary to give the Vita a decent battery life and shorter load times. So in the end it helps more than it harms. Which ie why I believe that if your a PSP owner and you are interested in the Vita you should get one. Not buying one because of backwards comparability is a poor excuse because it you do that you will be stuck on gaming on the PSP for all eternity.


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smashcrashbash2264d ago

That is why you can download them. I don't think anyone is buying the VITA so they can just play PSP games.

thedude442264d ago

and bingo was his name oh

Animals_as_Leaders2264d ago

"so they can just play PSP games."

I'm fairly certain most people don't want to have to buy the largest ( and extremely overpriced ) 32gb memory cards ( or multiple 32gb memory cards ) just so they can download their PSP games.

Nor would they want to waste hours downloading them.

The fact that the 3DS plays DS games is a big reason why people upgraded from a DS/lite/DSi.

You don't lose anything in doing so and it doesn't cost you anything to play them on the 3DS.

It's definitely going to be a massive deterrent, especially to the Vita's largest consumer base...people who own PSPs.

fear882264d ago

You're argument against the Vita helps support the reason for no backwards. Why bother if you already have a PSP?

Isn't the reason for buying a new system is to play its games?

The vita has an impressive launch lineup compared to what the 3DS had when it launched.

3DS needed it because it had virtually no killer apps except what was on the DS. Pokemon Black and White was the only game in many 3DSs for months.

Silly gameAr2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )


Using common sense.

I'm pretty should you would have to spring for one of those extremely expensive memory cards to play PSP games on the Vita anyway Animals. There's no getting around that.

I understand wanting to play your older games, but I would keep the system that plays those games, instead of getting a system that would rather focus on the new then the old.

Blaine2264d ago

On my PSP Go I have 18 games and 16 demos, plus trailers and music, and that takes up 14gb. I don't know how much space Vita games will take up, but I think it's safe to say you won't be needing a 32gb card (let alone multiple ones) anytime soon. Buy a small one for now and upgrade in a few years when you *might* need it (if ever) and the prices will have dropped.

Unless the lack of UMD put you off the Vita for good... In that case I'd just say: your loss.

JaredH2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

Why are you all justifying not including backwards compatibility?

I have a psp and all the games I have are umd other than lbp and modnation that I got from the psn hack. I'm getting a Vita but this is a bummer imo and I don't understand why you guys say things to make it seem "right". Nothing would have hurt them if they included it and you don't need to defend Sony in every decision they make. If they included it I GUARANTEE you that you guys would talk about how it was a smart decision and include it in your many "why I'm buying a Vita and it's the greatest thing ever" comments...

On a side note they waited till a week or so before the launch of the psp go too say no umd conversion too which I find odd.

Also I have the Vita preordered and I'm getting it day 1 and I'm not saying it's the worst thing ever. It's just a minor let down and I don't see how you can look at not including something, that's common in handhelds, in a good way.

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NeoBasch2264d ago

I'm starting to switch over to the digital space with PSP games, just as I did PSOne, and hope to do for PS2. I will still keep the physical copies, but they're a bit obnoxious. It's easier just to scroll over to the games tab and just pick the one I want.

Not only that, but a 32 gig stick can hold at least 20 PSP games, and there's no way I'll have 20 PSP games downloaded at any one time. I might have 10. Also, you can download any number of PSP games. You could buy 100+ PSP games off the PSN store if you want. You can download them as much as you want. So even if you delete them from the stick, you can always re-download it later when you want to play it.

Now, if AT&T would give us a larger bandwidth to play with, we could download these games from anywhere at anytime. Now, that's convenient!

MGRogue20172264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

Custom Firmware to the rescue! :D

If all of the hacking stuff happening nowadays is any sign of what's to come.. It shouldn't be too long after the system's launch that the device is hacked wide open.

Of course, there will most likely be piracy.. but you'll be able to play all PS1 titles as well as put all of your Vita & PSP titles together on your memory stick so you won't need to carry around all of those vita cartridges with you all the time..

You'll also be able to increase/decrease the quad-core's clock speed at free will in order to save battery life. It's your PS Vita, control it the way you want to. :)

cpayne932264d ago

Why won't they offer the umd transfer thing worldwide? If they offer it in Japan, why not the rest of us?

SaffronCurse2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

Because like 99.99999% of the time, Japan gets the cooler stuff it's just how things work.

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