The Tester 3 – Episode 1 Recap: Electric Boogaloo

VGBlogger writes: "For awhile there, it was starting to look as though season two of The Tester, Sony’s reality-TV series, was going to be its last. The bombastic and confrontational competition to see which of 11 contestants would earn the right to clutch their Doritos-stained fingers onto the lowest rungs of the game-industry ladder seemed to have run its course. But we (still) live in an era where reality rulez, where TV shows in which cast members smash their heads into brick walls to avoid fistfights, toss drinks in each others’ faces and try to out-crazy each other in pursuit of true romance and off-screen quickies with men who’ll dump them in the next episode. O, beautiful, for spacious skies.

And so, 11 more wannabe game-industry employees have collected in the Tester bunker, there to toy with each other, a ton of PlayStation swag and our collective sanity."

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HebrewHammer2322d ago

It's 12 cast members, FYI