More images revealed for PlayStation 3 Horizontal Cooling Power Station

Several new images have been revealed by for the upcoming Horizontal Cooling Power Station made specifically for the Playstation 3 slim systems.

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MGRogue20172207d ago (Edited 2207d ago )

lol.. another one... PS3's cooling system is perfectly fine as it is..

kevnb2207d ago

sort of, the thermal paste on the older models dries up. This cooler wont help any though.

h311rais3r2207d ago

That's y some ps3s YLOD right?

MariaHelFutura2207d ago

All things malfunction, even people. Some more than others.

coryok2207d ago

i very much doubt insufficient heat dissipation is a major factor in any device that makes it to the market. its almost always a problem with some component, non-lead based solder in the case of many elections (such as ps3) today, which is traced back to heat, but not in the way youre thinking.

the ps3 is sufficiently cooled without this, and probably better off also. having a fan on top of another fan is a recipe for disaster if not properly aligned (which this isnt btw). one fan will either pull the other faster or slow it down, which will increase turbulence (and noise! probably create a lot of noise!), almost certainly leading to one of the fans breaking pretty soon.

Burning_Finger2207d ago

Slim need a cooling fan?? GTFO...

I don't feel any heat or hear any noise from my system.. Save your money for games or vita instead..

mechanicleman2207d ago

You could set PS3 slim in a plastic box covering and leave it on for a year and have no problems

kinda like the stores do on the displays its in a plastic clear box, if they dont have one you dont need one either.

morkendo232207d ago

its the THERMAL PASTE DRIED UP mines hum like a humming bird, this cooler will not work re-pasting is what phat ps3 needs.