Game Informer - Resident Evil: Revelations Is Amazing With Two Circle Pads

Game Informer - Many folks scoffed and teased Nintendo when it announced the bulky piece of 3DS hardware, but the Circle Pad Pro’s extra control nub and shoulder buttons make playing Resident Evil: Revelations a revelation in itself. The added control makes moving and shooting – a Holy Grail for the series – an empowering reality, while smoothing out the overall experience.

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PamPoovey2169d ago

If it is, why didn't they do this for the PSV aswell

Actually.....what happened to that PSP RE game ?

kingdavid2168d ago

It will come to Vita eventually. Capcom likes money.

PamPoovey2168d ago

True I suppose

I guess Capcoms Greed basicaly confirms a PSV version.

dedicatedtogamers2169d ago

Next 3DS revision has the 2nd circle pad built-in: confirmed. I mean, when you have a 2nd analog stick add-on announced less than a year into a system's life, then you can be sure the next version will come with it standard.

And it makes sense. 3DS should have had dual sticks from the start.

klecser2168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )

It is not "confirmed". Where do you think it was "confirmed"? Famitsu magazine had a "rumor", but there was absolutely nothing to substantiate it. Do you know what "confirmed" means? It means: "there is hard evidence proving that something is true", not "I have an opinion that I think is logical."

klecser2168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )

I bought and I am enjoying the CPP. I am horrible at shooters and I need all the help that I can get. It actually isn't the second analogue that is the best part, IMO. I find the larger and more responsive triggers to be the best part, increasing the button control scheme as well. Resident Evil Revelations is spectacular. I've had it two days and have played it non-stop. RAID Mode alone is wonderful and addictive and the campaign is super creepy. I played online with someone and it went very smoothly. It isn't perfect. There are a few framerate drops. Ironically, most of these happen for me when I'm in an elevator and there is no action on screen. Elevators and certain doors are very clearly "hidden" load screens. But overall I'm very satisfied.

kingdavid2168d ago

In my opinion, its the best game on the 3ds or at the very least the game ive most enjoyed on the system.

Is it the best resident evil game ive played? Probably just behind 4.

klecser2168d ago

I was really surprised at how good it is, honestly. I had low expectations, but if this is the sign of the quality to come the 3DS has a very bright future.