To pre- or not to pre-own, that is the question.

Whispers swirl around Microsoft’s next console, the oft-rumoured Xbox 720, and the possibility that it will be programmed from the get-go to refuse to play pre-owned games. Such a feat would cause massive shockwaves across the industry. Shops on the high street have made a real killing from selling pre-owned games over the last five years or so, to the great anger of the publishers and developers who do not see a penny of these transactions, and for some gamers pre-owned games at the cheaper end of the spectrum are the only way they can realistically keep up with the sheer number of releases. It’s clear that such a move from Microsoft would annoy a lot of people.

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TomInc2350d ago

Whilst I agree that pre-owned games screw over the games industry, a move like this would be the end of Microsoft. Especially if Sony and Nintendo continued to allow pre-owned content.. If this happened, they'd seriously need to consider launch prices.

DarkBlood2350d ago

yeah i prefer the lesser evil compared to this

hazelamy2350d ago

that's all well and good in the short term, actually it's still a bloody shit idea, but for the sake of this argument, but what about years from now when that console is no longer supported and somebody wants to play those games.
somebody found some copies cheap at a flea market/car boot sale, or maybe in a charity shop.
and they need some activation code
but there's no way to get one.
that game is forever worthless.

for the sake of greed, that's a whole generation of games lost.
unless they decide to rerelease a port later on, so you have to pay for them again.

but then short term, short sighted thinking seems to be the way this industry operates.

DarkBlood2349d ago

oh trust me id prefer neither but since thats not going to happen well you know where im going with this and i agree with you on that stance

there should be a poll or something to see how many voted this or that etc etc

DA_SHREDDER2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

Sure games are "cheaper" now than they ever have been in the past, but so is the value of the dollar. There are games and devs I wanna support, TM being one of the only games that I bought full price for in a long time. If you get rid of the used market, games should cost no more than 40 bucks, get rid of the middle man, and more money goes into the hands of publishers. Consumers are happy, everyone wins.

hazelamy2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

what i don't get is why anybody even thinks the publishers deserve a cut of preowned sales.

no other industry does, the company that built your house doesn't get paid if you sell it on.
the company that made your car doesn't.
neither do the creators of any books, films, or music.
you sell your tv? phillips don't get a cut.

so why is gaming a special case?

when i buy a copy of a game, that copy is my property, if anybody prevents me from exercising my legal right to transfer ownership of that property, by any legal means such as giving it away or selling it, they're criminals.

people say it's the gamers who have some inflated sense of entitlement, just because we want to own what we buy.
while defending these publishers going after something they have no legal and moral right to.
it's ridiculous.

theDECAY2350d ago

You really hit the nail on the head with this. No other industry is crying over pre-owned sales. That is how a sale of property works. If I buy a used lawn mower, I am not buying a new one, you don't hear Black and Decker bitching about people buying used lawn mowers.