Twisted Metal – Tuning Missiles and Demo Expired

MP1st - As in any online multiplayer game, players will complain about weapons and vehicles being “over powered”. It’s very common for developers to go back and release patches that would make these weapons weaker or dumbed down.

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DirtyLary2261d ago

He's going to try and get it back online.


We are letting those who already grabbed it play for a few more days but if u missed demo, I think it's gone for good.

bahabeast2261d ago

i played a little of it im still on the fence about the game, mabe because its first ever twisted metal i ever played

Jio2260d ago

It's not for everyone. I love it, it's one of the few games that's actually challenging and fun. Most games nowadays are too easy and repetitive.

detroitmademe2261d ago

glad i hopped on n4g cause i was just about to delete the demo

LoaMcLoa2261d ago

I think just about everything in the demo is balanced.

The weapons with lower accuracy has better damage, and vice versa.

Don't dumb it down!

vickers5002261d ago

Reaper needs an armor boost. He dies way too quickly imo.

JimboG2261d ago

I think it takes a bit long to kill someone, especially when the weapons you start with don't kill the other person completely. But, having more health is better for the crazy mosh pits that go on in the middle of the map, or in the stadium, but i feel like they could do something to that.

madjedi2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

After being 1 hit killed at full health in the talon by a sniper 2 times in a row, the second while having a shield active. I am willing to believe some tweaking is needed.

Adding cursor pointing to the enemies statue in nuke, i would think have been a given, but i guess not. Considering your too busy trying to survive to keep track of where your position is.

And yeah getting rammed 1 time as reaper is almost an instant death.

latinalover2260d ago

Was me that killed you? I'm latinaloverTX in psn