90,000 flock to PS3 Tour as O2 hosts glitzy climax

MVC reports:
Music venue hosts SingStar-based centrepiece of UK-wide promotion; Hordes of gamers exposed to console.

Over 90,000 consumers have felt the 'power of PlayStation 3' during a tour which has taken in countless shopping centres, universities, train stations and – most spectacularly – the giant O2 Arena in London.

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MaximusPrime3624d ago

great success for Sony. Well done again.

Rims3624d ago

yeah. it's good Sony is doing this.

The Killer3624d ago

if any i hope they keep that ad in the O2!

lockload3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

People were going for a concert singstar happened to be there, same in the shopping centres more marketing fud

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