Why The Wii U Needs A New T Or M-Rated IP

It is clear that Nintendo is reaching out in at least a slightly different direction with the Wii U by attempting to bring in new gamers and at the same time lure back many of its traditional 'core' gamers that were lost when the Wii arrived.

This includes working 'harder than ever' to attract developers that have skipped putting their projects on Nintendo systems in the past. Still, are they doing enough when it comes to first-party titles?

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Dan502267d ago

Nintendo making an M or 18 rated game??? Bwahahahahaha

user39039992267d ago

lol...Nintendo doesn't know anything about the hardcore gamers.
Why do they even need to, the casuals and kids they cater to are making them a crap load of $$$$$$$.

Sure, no real gamer will buy their products, but who cares when soccer moms are throwing money at them for silly little games like My Pretty Pony

rfeldur2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

While I agree that Nintendo can cash out big time by just relying on its current audience, they (like pretty much every company out there) like the shiny dollars. The more shiny dollars the better. Which is why they are attempting to line up games like Darksiders 2 and other more 'core' games for the Wii U.

The reality will likely be that it is virtually impossible to control the casual crowd and completely please the 'core' crowd too.

Also if Nintendo really wanted to have a real chance to actually go after the 'core' crowd... they would have not used the "Wii" name in their next system.

As far as not having knowledge on hardcore games? That may be true but it isn't that hard to get some other studio to develop it while still retaining the rights (such as Retro Studios did with Metroid).

PopRocks3592267d ago

Nintendo licensed Resident Evil 4 on the Gamecube and Wii.

mike1up2267d ago

I am a real gamer who has no problem buying their products.

Good products sell, and bad products don't, it's that simple. For example, if someone tried to sell me some Troll-B-Gone Spray, I would buy it just for you.

rfeldur2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Yah, Mr_Mike, I agree, they do have some great products. In fact I've been a huge Nintendo fan since 1990.

They have some solid games and I admit I still played and enjoyed the new DK Returns and Kirby game, even if they are considered 'kiddy' by some gamers.

I never did care for the Wii name though. :)

Personally, I know that regardless of what Nintendo does I'm probably going to get the Wii U because I'm semi-hooked on Big N's products and I like new things (its my ADD, attracted to shiny objects... same reason why I will eventually also get the Xbox 720 and PS4). I would just love to see a new franchise/IP.

If it doesn't happen? I won't cry about it, and will still love the Mario Karts, DK Returns, and stuff of the nature for the Wii U. I'm actually really bummed that I've grown out of Zelda. I've tried to play them.. I just don't enjoy them like I used to (WW was the last Zelda I beat). I still won't deny they are great games though, just... not for me anymore. Though I probably will eventually revisit Skyward Sword because the story seems interesting (got about 1/3 the way through).

I've found that I really like no system 'better' than the other... they all have different things about them that make them great.

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Joegrine202267d ago

No more Heroes says Hi :)

yabhero2267d ago

it annoys me when people confuse a game being hardcore with whether or not its rated M... they are 2 very different thing that overlap sometimes... Zelda is hardcore...there are a lot of hardcore games not rated M

rfeldur2267d ago

I agree Zelda is hardcore, just 'overdone'. It was great for a long time, I'm ready for something new, T or M, from Nintendo and a new IP.

PopRocks3592267d ago

Metroid Prime is rated T.

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