The Story And Environments Of The Last Of Us

Game Informer - With the release of Uncharted 3 behind them, the next creation to leave the hallowed halls of Naughty Dog is an original game called The Last of Us. The team at the Santa Monica-based studio has spent the last two years creating an entirely new world. The game is a post-apocalyptic tale about survival, but the team at Naughty Dog hopes that the journey of the main characters and the green environments will help them stand apart from anything you've seen before.

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-Mezzo-2353d ago

Awesome Details, cannot wait for the first Gameplay Reveal.

Nitrowolf22353d ago

The story reminds me a bit like The Road and Children Of men. IDK why, but that's what I got from what they said.

Cool to know that there's a lot more going on then what I anticapted

MAJ0R2353d ago

It does kinda remind me of The Road, as well The Book of Eli. I'm hoping ND really innovates with this, similar to how they did with Uncharted. No health regen is a good start, too many games nowadays have adopted this.

MGS_fanatico_2353d ago

I like the ending comment :)
"You shoot for Jupiter hopefully you hit the moon? We're going past Jupiter, so we're good with this one! :)"

They seem fairly confident, I just KNOW this game won't disappoint! :D

gillri2353d ago

similar to Enslaved environments, I loved those

Silly Mammo2353d ago

Just read the whole article and I'm very hyped about this title now!

N311V2353d ago

Looking good, I like uncharted but somehow I think I'll like this even more.