SoulCalibur V Review - Paste Magazine

A SoulCalibur fan reviews SoulCalibur V for Paste Magazine.

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Kos-Mos2354d ago

Even though they have removed the "characteristic" feel of the main players(too much focus on creation) this review is just another "I hate Japan, usa is much better" sickening patriot attempt.

Tanir2354d ago

yeah, this review sucks, i dont understand some of the reviews this game is getting, it has a better sotry mode than any of the old games. all SC games before 5 were mostly just all text for the story, then a picture for an ending.

sc3 tried a bit with story tho everyone had the same story, just ending was different (would rather have that than the arcade mode we have now but still)

SC4 story was horrid, and 5 actually had a point, just needed to explain the other new characters aswell. but still the game came out great and i love it.

lol who complains about to much effort in creation haha, such fail.