Breaking the Fourth Wall in Gaming

“Breaking the fourth wall” is a term nearly as old as theatre itself. When watching a live show, viewers in the audience can obviously see only three walls in a set, for they are viewing through the fourth.

Breaking the fourth wall, then, is when the major players in a scene break from theatrical convention and the restrictions of their fictional world to interact or speak directly with the audience, or reference things that are to the audience member’s benefit rather than the intended fictional listener.

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VerbalKint272498d ago


Not sure if you're insinuating something there, bud, but rest assured I've never heard of that site before, let alone read the article.

Both pieces from very different standpoints though.

Not sure if you actually read it, but mine is a short piece about how it can be used more effectively to enhance a story, and yours right there is a list of games that have done it previously.

Good stuff, though.

R1kk12498d ago

These two articles are written in different styles, you can tell each one has been written separately.

Just because they were posted in a similar time frame and both have 'Fourth Wall' in the title doesn't mean they're one in the same.

skulldrey2498d ago

Thisismyjoystick is a valued member of the games journalism community. I can assure you they do NOT plagiarize in any shape or form.

PersonMan2497d ago

Cool! I didn't know what Breaking the Fourth Wall meant until today. Very nice to know!

My girlfriend is in college for theater and I told her that I found out what Breaking the Fourth Wall was and she said "I could've told you!" so I was like "How could you have told me if I didn't know to ask the question?"