Reviews: The Simpsons Arcade (This Is My Joystick)

This one is pretty special as it’s the first game to ever feature The Simpsons. Yes, even before Bart went around spray painting Space Mutants and Krusty played Pied Piper in a Funhouse. Players are cast as either Bart, Lisa, Marge or Homer in a race against time to save Maggie from Smithers.

Why has Smithers taken Maggie? The unassuming baba has managed to get a stolen diamond stuck in her mouth, and rather than being practical and just taking it back, Smithers decides to baby-snatch at the same time, courting her off into a hot-air balloon. Irked by this, the Simpsons family decide to fight back through a series of well-dressed goons, drunken goofs, sore-headed bears and masked ninjas.

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