Mass Effect 2 Rewind Review (EmptyLifeBar)

Commander Shepard, Spectre, savior of the Citadel, killed in action. In Mass Effect 2, you take the role of Commander Shepard, an elite soldier who’s job is to save the galaxy from an ancient evil. Mass Effect 2 starts off differently than most games usually do, you die within the first few minutes of the game. No, it’s not a flashback, you’re dead. But it wouldn’t be much of a sequel if you stayed dead, now would it?...

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LOGICWINS2300d ago

"Most of the game is focused on the characters rather than the Reaper threat"

True...but that isn't a con. The game is character focused so you can develop an emotional attachment to them. This makes you care about them when they fight the biggest threat in the galaxy.

despair2300d ago

Problem was the main story took a back seat and barely had any screen time. Plus for those of us who spent quite a few hours talking to our crew and team in ME1, learning about them, romancing them, making hard choices, were let down by the big reset button they pushed for ME2. Not to mention the conversations were so limited with only 3 or 4 layers for each member and not real interaction between team members on or off missions.

Then there's the big problem of the crew not all being in your cast for ME3(I need confirmation on this though, on a ME3 info blackout), so what was the point of learning about them and doing their loyalty mission and making sure they survive the suicide mission when we lose them as team members in ME3.

The game was incredibly fun (just finished my 4th playthrough on my second platform and got the Platinum as well) but it was just a stepping stone for ME3 and they made some missteps, especially with the lack of story progression.

I liked most of the characters Loyalty missions, especially Mordin's which actually played like a true crisis of conscience for him, but the collector story was so short (like 4 or 5 missions) and the payoff not satisfying. Even if its a trilogy, each game should be able to stand alone as a great title but ME2 lacked something.

Son_Lee2300d ago

This is my current game of the generation, slightly ahead of MGS4 and Mirror's Edge.

LOGICWINS2300d ago

It's gunna take something HUUGE to surpass what Mass Effect 2 has accomplished this generation.

gillri2300d ago

yes my favourite game this generation also

camel_toad2300d ago

Yep its a great game. Favorite of the generation too, followed by Dark Souls and the first Bioshock.

MsmackyM2300d ago

I somewhat enjoyed ME2, but I would definitely rank Valkyria Chronicles above it. I'm sorry to say that ME2 couldn't keep me interested long enough to complete it.

despair2300d ago

really good game but not favorite of the generation, it had too many nagging flaws that kept me from giving it that honor. Its in the top 5 though.