Hands-On with the PlayStation Vita (HollywoodChicago)

BrianTT writes: Sony has developed an incredibly impressive machine, one that will surprise you with its functionality and versatility. In many ways, it is the ultimate gaming toy, taking elements of handhelds that have worked before and merging them with the new socially-intertwined landscape.

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2325d ago
Burning_Finger2325d ago

I've tried it the other day at gamestop and it's freaking impressive.. The solid build, the Operating system and the touchscreen response are all great.. Golden Abyss is amazing..

Soldierone2325d ago

it's not like "OMG ITS AMAZING" but try Little Deviants too. It was super fun and really touches upon all the little perks of Vita at once.

Veneno2325d ago

I can't wait to use Netflix on the Vita!