Interview With Actor Brian Bloom (Kane & Lynch, The Darkness II) |

Ian Fisher writes: A veteran actor in film and TV, Brian Bloom is one of the few actors out there that provides a level of depth that’s rarely seen in video games. Known the most for on-screen appearances in projects such as “OZ”, “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”, and “A-Team: The Movie” which he also co-wrote, Brian is the type of actor that lets the role envelop him and in the case of video games that results in performances that are nuanced, layered, and ever engaging. It may surprise some of you out there to hear that the voice behind Kane from the “Kane & Lynch” series also does the voice of Jackie Estacado in “The Darkness II” along with portraying the first Avenger that is Captain America in both video games and animation, but such a thing simply shows the talent that Brian has as an actor.

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