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TomInc2352d ago

Potential for release tomorrow, but nothing is confirmed yet.

Snookies122352d ago

Man I hope it's tomorrow... I've had to stop playing because lag was so horrible... Haven't touched it in like 3-4 weeks now! I want to play again! D:

thesummerofgeorge2351d ago

Snookies- same here. It's absolutely ridiculous to me that they've just left the game broken for so long. Literally unplayable past a certain point.

TheFreak2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

The ps3 version is broken. My game has been lagging from day one and now it has started to freeze up after 5 min of playtime. If they don't fix the problems with this patch then they should refund everyones money who bought the ps3 version. This was probably my last Bethesda game.

zeal0us2352d ago

Thursday already looking good :)

shadowwizard2352d ago

"1.4 should go up on Xbox LIVE early tomorrow. PS3 update is looking good for tomorrow, too. If we get an update from Sony, we’ll update."

StraightPath2352d ago

they are waiting for sonys confirmation.

Derekvinyard132351d ago

alright!! the patch for the patch of the patch we were waiting for. cant wait to pay for more dlc that will get patched to. how about some free DLC bugthesda. it is the LEAST you can do. If this does not fix the lag we have to do something, this game needs to be recalled. we were robbed

bigtrucknd2351d ago

Class action lawsuit against bugthesda for all their broken games.

zeddy2351d ago

surely the ps3 needs it more. sort it out sony you bunch of idiots.

ziggurcat2351d ago

sony has nothing to do with how skyrim runs on the PS3. if you're going to call anyone an idiot, you should take a long, hard look in a mirror.

or perhaps the idiots are the $10 whores who jerk these devs off then ask what time they'd like their breakfast in the morning despite having released broken game after broken game and calling it "GOTY."

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ZBlacktt2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

So PS3 has all the issues's ( mostly ) and the XBox gets it first, lol. Awesome... :/

Just messing around. Inb4 all the hate reply's. I plated this game in 19 days back in Dec on the PS3.

Chug2352d ago

Must be a timed exclusive patch ;)

brish2352d ago

There is so much truth to your comment it makes me sad.


I still haven't taken the wrapper off my copy really busting my balls to play it.

ScubaSteve12352d ago

is it still sad that i didnt update my game still

Reborn2352d ago

Well, I guess MS have acted faster with certification? So they have a date? (or better estimate)

Hopefully, both go up tomorrow though, and work.

ziggurcat2351d ago

there seem to be less game-breaking issues with the X360 version, so it probably went through their certification process relatively smoothly.

given the issues with the PS3 version, it stands to chance that it could have failed their certification process and required a resubmission or perhaps they're going over the patch thoroughly to make sure that the things it's supposed to fix are fixed.

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The story is too old to be commented.