NeverDead Review (Destructoid)

Jim Sterling writes: "When creating a videogame protagonist with a particular super power, there's an extra responsibility to create a challenging, rewarding sense of balance. If your hero has enhanced strength and speed, how do you keep enemy opponents threatening without undermining the player's advantages? If your character cannot die, what elements can be introduced in order to maintain a believable conflict?

NeverDead is a game that does not ask these questions. In fact, it uses the invincibility of its protagonist as an excuse to cut corners and ignore even the most basic factors of game balance. After sitting through the end credits of NeverDead, I am proud to say I did something that developer Rebellion did not do ...

I finished the game."

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mightyles2328d ago

Pretty much disagree entirely with the review. NeverDead has been a highlight for me... having said that, I can see why some people may not like it.

rezzah2328d ago

It is a game where if you enjoy the experience, then it means you enjoy it over the logical reasons for it being considered a ``bad`` game.

This is why few enjoy it despite its logical flaws. Though it may appear to be bad in the majority`s eyes, it doesn`t mean it is overall a bad game for everyone.

Tigerfist2328d ago

"It's a novel concept for a videogame..."

What? Immortality and/or the usage of detachables limbs?

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, Medievil 2?

Those mechanics weren't very explored but still...

PS: Is Neverdead really that bad? Then again Sterling already gave us quite a few crappy reviews... I am really looking forward to try this one out.

DiLeCtioN2328d ago

I was very close to buying this game today...something just said, no save £40.

ZippyZapper2328d ago

Since this is Destructoid the game is probably a 7 or 8.

SolidGear32328d ago

He gave Deadly Premonition a 10/10