PlayStation Vita: Your Price (and Games) May Vary

Mashable : With Sony’s PlayStation Vita handheld console set for release in the United Kingdom and North America later this month, the picture of what we can expect is becoming clearer.

The Vita will start at $249 in the United States for the wireless-only model, and $299 for the 3G version, according to the PlayStation website. But Vodafone, the Vita’s exclusive 3G carrier in the UK, recently announced that 3G version will sell for £279 there, or about $440. The wireless-only version will go for £218.99, according to multiple reports, or about $350.

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blumatt2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

Man, why does the UK have to pay such a premium?? The US prices are much better. That's insane.

One word: Holy $hit That's a lot of tax. ...Wait, that wasn't one word. haha

Gish2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

Value added tax is a bitch.

Move to the US if you have nice talents to contribute to the labor market.

We will be happy to have you :)

Half-Mafia2350d ago

How much in the US do you have to pay on top of a $250 Vita?

Because here in the UK Tax/VAT is already added to the price. Take 20% VAT off the £230 RRP of the Vita and its £184.

Also the £ against the $ is not that good anymore. About 5 years ago is was £1=$2 now its £1=$1.60