Neverdead Review - Fangoria

Doug Norris:
There’s just something undeniable to us gamers about the tearing of limbs—the sound, the gore, the empathetic vulnerability—that ensures if you put some form of head-lopping limb-removal into the gameplay, we’ll shell out sixty bones a pop for a jaunt through whatever decaying backdrop houses these meat bags. This must’ve been the driving force behind Konami and Rebellion Studios latest attempt at draining players’ wallets, as NEVERDEAD (XBOX 360, PLAYSTATION 3) hacks and slashes its way onto the consoles of those itching for more appendage abatement. FANGORIA was treated to a special peek inside Rebellion Studios for the making of NEVERDEAD back in issue 303, and now we get to tear off our thumbs in button mashing madness with the final product.

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theDECAY2321d ago

Is it funny that this got 3.5/4 on Fangoria and 3/10 on IGN? Not saying IGN is really the best at this kind of thing, but that's quite a discrepancy.

rezzah2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

A matter of personal taste.

However there are those who can be fools or do foolish things when it comes to reviewing. It has been done before...Removing a point for disliking the menu. The game? Grand Turismo 5, a simulation racing game being highly judged on its menu.

I have seen a total of 4 good scores for this game...With each of them the reviewer did not allow things such as screen tearing get in their way of enjoyment. This did not mean that they did not notice it at all, they did see it often, but it didn`t become a turnoff.

It appears to be few reviewers actually judge games based on enjoyment (whilst keeping in mind the negatives), where as most primarily judge based on technical issues over enjoyment.

Knushwood Butt2320d ago

Fangoria is still going? Wow!

Anyone remember Gore Zone??