The Beauty of the Best Graphics Engines of 2011

GR - "Graphics engines—they get better every year. Last year was no exception. Last year saw the release of numerous sequels, and brand new titles, many of which raised the bar."

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theeg2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

uncharted 3 does not belong amoungst pc games like crysis 2, metro2033, bf3, the witcher 2, all those games are at least a full generation beyond uncharted

author may as well throw gta 3 in there, uncharted is not even worth mentioning compared to any major pc game from the last 3 or 4 years.

Tarantino_Life2267d ago ShowReplies(2)
Voxelman2267d ago

Skyrim is more out of place than Uncharted 3...

Christopher2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

Both are out of place.

Uncharted 3 is a beauty to behold for a console game, but it does falter with the higher quality PC games on several levels (but it surely doesn't slump on the talent for what it's done on the console).

Skyrim really doesn't hold up to many other games out on PC and it's saving grace is the modding community.

Voxelman2267d ago

Why is an article about graphics engines a list of good looking games?

Surely they should be focusing on the engines themselves, rather than just some of the games built on them.

ninjahunter2267d ago

I like how it said Mega texture was a new tech even though its been used in several games, starting at doom 3. Anywho, Good list, alot of people will complain but still, can agree with 6/8 Skyrim and uncharted arent much more than good art style.