10 PS1 Games That The PSN Needs: Part 2 of 2

Trendy Gamers: Here we are again with part two of what ten PS1 games need to come to the Playstation Network! In part one there were some great games like Mega Man Legends and Legend of Dragoon but this time we have some great games as well. To help Sony build up its backlog of Playstation 1 games, here are some more games that need to come to the PSN.

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TrendyGamers2169d ago

It would be great if Ehrgeiz came to the North American PSN.

cervantes992169d ago

Tomba/Tomba 2 please!

Tomba 2 is easily one of the most enjoyable game experiences I have ever played.

TrendyGamers2169d ago

Tomba was included in Part 1:

It definitely would be awesome if they came to the PSN!

cervantes992169d ago

Yeah I saw that - thanks.

I own 2 copies of both Tomba and Tomba 2 (1 each open for playing and 1 each sealed for collecting), but having a digital copy for PSP/Vita would be great.

TrendyGamers2169d ago

Those sealed copies must be worth quite a bit. Would you ever sell them?

cervantes992169d ago

Tomba is worth quite a bit I've seen as high as $400, Tomba 2 about $60 - $100.

I have no plans to sell the sealed copies :)

bahabeast2169d ago

i cnt stant 2 play such ugly graphics in 2012, i can barely manage to play some ps2 games from my eyes hurting to make out stuff. yes rainbow6 lockdown i mean u

Kyosuke_Sanada2169d ago

Einhander! Squaresoft took a risk in creating a shooter for the first time and my was so beautiful.....

Other than that I am really surprised to see YuGiOh: Forbidden Memories on the list. I had some great times with the game even though the star score system it had was pretty much useless when it came to getting new cards. All the good monsters cost 10,000 stars and the max you could win per battle was 5.......

PamPoovey2169d ago

Hell we still need most of the ones already out in Japan and NA in Europel......yes after four years now SCEE are crap.

I would like to see the Looney Tunes games, they were fun

Bugs Bunny lost in time
Bugs Bunn and Taz: Time Busters
Sheep, Dog n Wolf (Sheep Raider)

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The story is too old to be commented.