Is Jailbreaking a Crime? As Law Goes Up For Review, KaKaRoTo Talks About Your Rights

Every three years, the US Copyright Office reviews requests for exemptions to the “anti-circumvention” rules in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, with the next review set for this Friday. Will jailbreaking be classified a crime? - PSLS

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Trexman892327d ago

Of course it is!!!

Who would think that breaking out of jail was legal?....oh wait, hardware jailbreaking....yeah, that should be legal.

Sev2327d ago

The way I see it, I paid for the device, I should be able to do whatever I want with it. However, there has to be some rules. Like, you shouldn't be able to distribute the information that leads to such hacks.

But just because it's illegal, doesn't mean there won't be ways to still find it if you look hard enough.

Christopher2327d ago (Edited 2327d ago )

Jailbreaking? No.

What people do with jailbroken devices? Sometimes.

The issue is that jailbreaking leads to an open system that allows others to use software outside of a system that is not within control of the distributor and/or creator but accesses certain features to work with others on a non-jailbroken system. Furthermore, jailbroken devices are designed to oftentimes allow access to services that are supposed to only be accessed from the provider's software and not someone else's.

So, the issue is about control, stability, and an infrastructure that can be managed by the company that's going to be to blamed when something goes wrong.

gamingdroid2327d ago

That doesn't override the individuals right to use the hardware as they see fit....

I don't want a society were the freedom to do something is prohibited, simply because it CAN be used in a manner that might hurt someone.

Imagine if we made knives, fire, cars and so on illegal because you CAN murder someone with it?!

You criminalize the action itself, but don't penalize the entire population.

***Furthermore, jailbroken devices are designed to oftentimes allow access to services that are supposed to only be accessed from the provider's software and not someone else's.***

I can still access the service without the providers software already....

Christopher2327d ago

***That doesn't override the individuals right to use the hardware as they see fit.... ***

No one said it did. That doesn't stop there from being an issue with what some people do with jailbroken devices. This is all I said above, nothing in support of making jailbreaking illegal.

Jailbreaking is being attacked because it's easier to make that illegal than attack each individual. Consider it a very heavy handed gun control law of sorts.

That's an explanation, not support for such a thing.

***I can still access the service without the providers software already....***

Not legally in many situations.

Some jailbreakers provide modified (or rebuilt) code that allows access to services that are intended to only be accessible from Apple's software. Apples store on a jailbroken phone is possible, but requires modifying Apple's own software in order to do so. iMessage on a jailbroken phone is possible, but also requires modifying Apple's own software. These type of things break copyright law, but are nigh impossible to stop or track since it's on the Net and spreads throughout a network.

This is the exact same issue that GeoHot got into. It wasn't because he jailbroke his device, it's because he modified software and distributed it that would allow others to access services and features that are intended to work only with Sony's software. Utilizing such things is copyright infringement and an attack against their infrastructure.

dbjj120882327d ago

Does it matter what is and isn't illegal? If you do it in your home and don't publicize it all over the internet they won't come after you. When it becomes a mass movement it gets attention and then legal action.

IaMs122327d ago

So SHHHHHHH everybody, lets start calling it Prisonbreak now so its not mainstream anymore.

On topic: Jailbreaking should be legal, its what you do with the device could be illegal, like downloading and playing pirated games.

h311rais3r2327d ago

In Canada piracy is called sharing :3

TronEOL2327d ago (Edited 2327d ago )

That's not how this works though. Seeing as Jailbreaking a device leads to crimes, it needs to go. Just because the Jailbreaking process doesn't pirate a game, music, or app, doesn't mean it isn't responsible for people who do so when a device is jailbroken.

If nobody did that in the first place, then these problem would be a non-issue.

I personally believe if the people who made these jailbreak methods properly secured the device from any misuse (in regards to piracy and such, or messing with other legitimate users), then I don't think anyone would have a problem.

But not only does this not happen, they don't even take responsibility for when something does go wrong. They act as what they made had no effect on this person pirating software, or such.

People really need to think of the whole "cause and effect" idea that was coined a while ago.

tarbis2327d ago

Jailbreaking and hacking should be an underground activity. KaKaRoTo like Geohotz is looking for attention, fame, recognition and whatever shit that will feed his ego.
The fact that he came out and said all that means he has no intention of keeping it to himself, instead he's going to promote it and spread the word on how to pirate stuff.

TronEOL2327d ago

I don't think Jailbreaking alone is a crime, since it's MAIN intentions is to allow more freedom on a device. But I fully believe crime follows when something is Jailbreaked. And that I am 99% sure of.

But as most things go, if something is plagued mostly by criminals, or wrong-doers, it has to be canned. Maybe if they kept this stuff within a very tight-nit community, it would have worked out better.

Rather than fighting actually companies (over their creations, and how they should run their creations) and basking in attention, they should have done it as a hobby, quietly.

CanadianTurtle2327d ago

If people are jailbreaking for reasons like "stealing." Then yes, lock them up because my favourite game devs are not getting paid, which means less chances of new games for me.

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