Saints Row: The Third Items Hit the PlayStation Store

THQ has announced today that the PlayStation Store received twenty brand new items for the game “Saints Row: The Third”.

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ZBlacktt2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

So, I've been playing this game all week. Just beat it last night in fact. Still got all that random stuff to do. But I had no idea this game here was dead on I do mean dead on GTA San Andreas in every single way. Everything in and about SA is SR3. Which is not a bad thing. Was just odd to play it, lol. I mean everything, radio stations, DJ's, voice dialog on the streets, humor, environments, gangs taking turf, Star alert system, weapon types, vehicles and aftermarket parts, the airport, etc,etc,. All the very same looking and playing thing. You could even make a CJ look alike character to play, lol.

Ace_Man_62079d ago

"The items are currently available in North American and will hit other regions soon."

Oh, what a surprise…