RealPlay Roundup

RealPlay Pool:

"The gameplay is tedious, the pool cue controller is pointless, the visuals are shockingly bad. RealPlay Pool is a gimmicky, ugly game that not even hardened fans of the sport will enjoy. Can the other titles in the series be this bad? But say a prayer, pray for the other ones..."

Score: 2/10

RealPlay Racing:

"RealPlay Racing looks dated and is horrible to play. The back of the box says it "takes racing to a whole new dimension". It is a dimension where nothing ever grows, no rain nor rivers flow, and the in-game cars have hexagonal steering wheels. There is nothing more you need to know."

Score: 2/10

RealPlay Golf:

"At one point, after yet another shot had gone wrong because the game can't register anything but a huge swing, we were greeted with the on-screen message "UNPLAYABLE LIE". That about sums it up."

Score: 2/10

RealPlay PuzzleSphere:

"RealPlay PuzzleSphere does have more novelty value than the other games. However, it's still rubbish, so this just means you're likely to tire of it in six minutes rather than three."

Score: 3/10

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MK_Red3780d ago

It's more like a Wii game but instead of 7s and 8s it's getting 2s and 3s simply because it's not on Wii.