Why Mass Effect is still worth Playing?

Short article about splendor of Mass Effect

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Snookies122324d ago

Mass Effect 1? I found it boring... Stopped about 6 hours in, though when I bought ME2 on a whim, I was loving that game! Don't know what it was about the first game that I just couldn't get through.

h311rais3r2324d ago

I liked 1 better. The story was more intriguing and it aa more of an rpg.

sagapo2324d ago

Strange how you didn't like ME1 but loved ME2 :)
I really loved both, dind't really like how Bioware kinda "mainstreamed" the RPG element in ME2 tho. Hopefully they get it just right in ME3, wich I'm really looking forward to.

Snookies122324d ago

I find it odd too! Apparently the first one was more RPG-ish, which I should have loved! I'm a hardcore RPG fan, and could tell ME2 was a little mainstreamed, but something about it pulled me in, where the first did not. D:

_Aarix_2324d ago

Im guessing you only play shooters then dont you?

Snookies122324d ago

Absolutely not, I am an avid RPG fan, all the way back to the days of FF1 on NES my friend. Shooters are likely my least played games, along with most sports franchises. (I do like a few lol)

Bakkies2324d ago

"Why Mass Effect is still worth Playing?"
Is that a question or a statement?

capjacksparrow2324d ago

I enjoyed Mass Effect 1, but the cover system is a bit dated now. I definitely preffered the leveling up system better in ME1, I hear that three will have customizable weapons as well, so it looks like they're on the right track to bringing the series back the RPG side of things.