Skyrim High-Res Texture Pack Comparison

NowGamer: "We check out Bethesda's surprise high-res texture pack that came alongside the Skyrim Creation Kit: but is the improvement noticeable?"

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Feckles2017d ago

Er, no differnce. Apart from the axe.

fluffydelusions2017d ago

Yeah, it's a bit better but nothing like I was hoping to expect TBH.

ChrisW2017d ago

This is only a 1k texture improvement.

Skyrim HD (2k textures) on looks better, but it doesn't include NPCs or enemies.

Canary2017d ago

There are differences, but they're fairly minor. It's not a high-resolution texture pack so much as it is giving the vanilla PC game different (read: slightly better) textures than the console version.

Darkfocus2017d ago

it's actually a pretty big difference and looks a lot nicer in game(there's no more blatantly ugly textures) it's just that it's still the same textures their just less compressed.

ninjahunter2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

This texture pack has no effect on terrain, only effects items, objects characters and a few rocks and stuff. The stuff they did change i would say has textures comparable to crysis on pc.

IE mod texture packs almost never improve any of those things, so Im certain this texture pack was made to compliment texture modders.

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fastrez2017d ago

It makes the arrows in knees look much better.

Tomonobu Itagaki2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

Modders have done a way better job than this, pretty disappointing.

For people interested in increasing their Skyrim visual experience, I recommend:
- The Skyrim HD mod
- The Realistic Lighting mod
- The Realistic Water Textures mod
- The Skyrim Flora Overhaul mod
- The Skyrim Enhanced Shaders mod

Felinox2017d ago

I really think with the quality of some of these mods Bethesda should actively recruit the talent behind them.

Letros2017d ago

Yea, a waste of time for Bethesda, the modded textures are unreal in comparison.

iMpuTeD2017d ago

ill stick with the modding community lol