10 PC Mods That Will Make You Forget About The PS4 and Xbox 720

'In the usual spirit of gaming hype, it seems many are forgetting about this current generation of consoles in favour of the Xbox and Playstation hardware of tomorrow. Though current gen consoles may be enduring a graceful decline as a result, there are plenty of cool PC mods that will make you forget console generations exist at all. Here are ten awesome recent PC mods that will remind you why PC gaming is the boss.'

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fluffydelusions2232d ago

I don't get why author thinks PC gamers would care that much about PS4 or 720. I'd be willing to bet high end PC's of today will still be more a lot powerful than either of the next gen consoles.

Psychotica2232d ago

I am primarily a PC gamer but I will still get the next gen consoles when they come out because there will be many games not available to the PC.

MAJ0R2232d ago

I'll buy the next-gen consoles too, but late in their life cycle. Maybe 2-3 after they release since that's when a lot of the good games start coming out. Nowadays it's stupid to buy any type of hardware on day one.

Half-Mafia2232d ago

No question, I have 2 graphics cards in my PC. Total cost was around £650 (HD 6970s) The PS4/720 will probably cost no more then £300.

StraightPath2232d ago

wow looking at skyrim on the PC looks amazing the console version doesnt look like that...we need next gen consoles. PS3 and Xbox are outdate.

GamingTruth2232d ago

cause of a multiplatform game? ps3? nah

EliteDave932232d ago

No PC mod can make me forget about my PS3! stupid article.

GamingTruth2232d ago

i accidentally disagreed with you sorry

XeoZin2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

What i dont get is its ALL about graphics..when next gen consoles comes the diffrence is pretty much only the graphics..sounds/controlls/gam eplay etc. can be as good for current consoles as next gen.
Theres so many other factors to what good gaming is for me than just pretty pixels..

Half-Mafia2232d ago

The next gen is not just better graphics. More CPU power lets developers introduce more advanced AI systems, Physics and animations to games.

fluffydelusions2232d ago

Yes it also means longer development times and more than likely higher game prices =\

josephayal2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

To play what? Flight simulator 2012?

Neko_Mega2232d ago

I play both, mostly use my PC for those games that can only really be done on PC.

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