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Submitted by Karooo 1461d ago | article

How to automatically install downloaded games and demos on PS3

GB : It's amazing how many people do not know of this simple thing - how to automatically install games and demos on your PS3. If you want to install a bunch of games together on your PS3, follow this exact procedure below. (PS3, Tag Invalid)

Emilio_Estevez  +   1461d ago
I know a guy who didn't know this until a few weeks ago when I showed him. He has had the ps3 for years.

You'd be amazed how many people don't know you can hold the ps button down to turn it off, the controller off, or switch the controller to a different #. Even less people know holding the ps button down for 10secs will turn the controller off without a prompt.
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GanjaMan  +   1461d ago
i didnt know you can install games and demoes automatically till reading the article! and nor did i know you can hold ps button for 10 secs to turn the control off till i just read your comment, so sound mate.
GrieverSoul  +   1461d ago
There was an article on N4G a few months ago about a guy ranting that he couldnt get out of the ELITE app on the PS3. Since its not a game, when you tap the PS button, it didnt show the exit game icon. Little did he know that holding down the PS for 5 seconds it diplays said option. I believe ELITE app has been patch for it now but still it shows how far some people go to bash the PS3.

However, I blame SONY for this lack of knowledge from their costumers. Sometime its better to have a simple tutorial video making a brief presentation of the PS3. Something made in flash or something. I have many friends that didnt know they could leave the PS3 to shutdown after downloading and installig the items they purchased online. Not even that the auto off feature could be preset with diferent times.
darthv72  +   1461d ago
doing it just like the article says
will yield the correct end result. However, if you are playing a game or doing other things then the result will be a split. It will download but you will have to install the game/demo by clicking on the downloaded file. Then it will process and take a varied amount of time depending on the size of the file.

It has been compared to the 360 in that when you download a game/demo from live, it is fully playable after it completes. That is for every file even if you have queued up several files at once.

PS3 doesnt have to do it the same way as the 360 but i can see how many who are used to how it is done on the 360 and get themselves a ps3 suddenly find the ps3 way slow and cumbersome.

Perception is different depending on which system you use most.
gamingdroid  +   1461d ago

I agree.

The concept of patching is essentially non-existent for me on the Xbox 360 as I can download the update while the game is running. It's usually very small and completes quickly and all Xbox Live does is log you out and then log you in and you can play. This usually happens before I even get to the start screen.

No need to "install" patches or reboot the game.

It's pretty much instant access....

MS has done a wonderful job with Xbox Live and to think they almost went with Windows for the original Xbox

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KUV1977  +   1461d ago
That seems like a convenient way to patch things. The PS3 has a feature for PLUS-members that pretty much improved the whole process of patching. Every day at a set time the PS3 will turn on and check for updates and will then automatically download and install them. Next time I turn on my PS3 I get the info what was downloaded and installed. It also syncs the trophies (which should really work in the background anytime) and backs up selected saves to the cloud.
It is a pretty neat solution. As for the auto-install: it is pretty obvious that it works this way but usually i will want to put items into my download-queue and not want to wait the whole time but do something else instead... You know, like playing a game. I could swear however, that PLUS also finished downloading the queue (still does) and installed the downloads before. For whatever reason it seems to have stopped installing queue-stuff. Maybe FW4.1 fixed that again.
MrBeatdown  +   1461d ago
You can just go to the User tab to shut down the system and click the option to continue the download until finished. Anything still downloading will finish up and install before the system shuts off, unless you have it paused.

It's much better than the method in the article. This way, you're PS3 will shut off when it's done, and you can play while stuff downloads, rather than having to leave your PS3 idle through the entire download process.

Or if you have PS+, it will just download and install anything that isn't finished when it's doing it scheduled update.
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Blaine  +   1461d ago

I don't know about you, but I've had the PS3 since launch, and I'd say the only reason I do know about the alternate functions of the PS button, depending on how long you hold it, is because those used to be its only functions! Before there was in-game XMB, that was the only menu you could access in-game.

So if I'd bought a PS3 after the in-game XMB was integrated, then I probably wouldn't have known those things either.
Nodoze  +   1460d ago
In game XMB is a failure. They should only show the options that are accessible.

From an interface standpoint the XMB is showing it's age. It is slow and not very intuitive.

I am glad there are no ads on the interface (outside of the PS store icons), but it is in desperate need of an update.
Blaine  +   1460d ago
I wouldn't call it a failure. Does everything I want it to.

It is slow, yes. And some of the icons aren't really necessary when you're playing a game. But then again, maybe some people do use it to go straight from the game to another function, so who's to say which is right? This is another "damned if you do, damned if you don't" scenario since, I'm sure, other people would complain if those icons were missing from the in-game XMB.

- Have all the icons: it's slower, people who only want game-centric options complain.

- Have only game-related icons: it's faster, people who want their media icons complain.

People will complain no matter what you do. So all you can do is suck it up, and be glad we have the in-game XMB at all. I know that, myself, I'm MUCH happier having this in-game XMB than none at all, so I don't complain (let alone call it a FAILURE).
GraveLord  +   1461d ago
Really? Didn't know about the 10 second thing.
blumatt  +   1461d ago
I didn't etiher. I can't remember the number of times the TV was off and I tried to guess where I was on the menu to turn the controller off. haha That tip will help me in the future. Thanks Stabwounds.
moparful99  +   1461d ago
I know about the 10 second thing but I set the auto controller sleep function that after a pre set amount of time sitting idle the controller will turn off automatically.. The best part is after I did this my DS3 battery life increased by days.. I whent from having to charge my controller every other day to maybe once a week... My only qualm about this is if I get side tracked for a few minutes and go to get back on my controller is off but this is a very minor complaint seeing as the payoff is far greater...
scotchmouth  +   1460d ago
Didn't know about the 10 sec thing either. I like many others did what blumatt did. Makes me LOL
shoddy  +   1461d ago
I didn't know that.
Emilio_Estevez  +   1461d ago
The best part about this article is that it's not even what I thought it was. I thought he was gonna say:
From the xbm, while not in a game go all the way to the left and click turn off. It will then prompt to "Turn off system after all downloads completed?" - which dl's and installs them, then turns it off. I usually use this on tuesdays.
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SwampCroc  +   1461d ago
You forgot about being able to hit the PS button to turn the system on aswell.

I didn't know about the download thing though.. I usually only get one thing at a time anyway. but it definitely is useful.
krisq  +   1461d ago
Just like not many people knows that you can set it to download, install and to turn itself off after. Great for nightly downloading.
Insomnia_84  +   1461d ago
I think this is a better option:

Select Games in the store/download/download in background/Scroll all the way to the left of the XMB/select Turn Off system/check the box for"turn off system after downloads are finifhed.

It will download the games/demos/vids..install them AND turn off the system by itself when it is done. I do this every tuesday, I go to sleep and the next morning everything is ready!! that way you don't have to stop gaming just for the games to be installed automatically.
solidt12  +   1460d ago
I didn't know about this and I had my PS3 since day one. Where have I been. I feel like you should not have to go through all that though and they should automatically install anyway.
Dno  +   1461d ago
this is useless. I want it to install while im playing another game like the xbox. people dont no this because its stupid. I do not want to wait there and watch it install people want it to install in the background like the xbox.

Ima huge ps3 supporter just look at my history but i aint a blind fanboy. This does not help people.
GrieverSoul  +   1461d ago
I understand your comment but this has something to due with the security on each platform. The Xbox doenst install the game because its downloaded in way that is ready to be played. Meaning, it doenst install! Its downloaded ready to be played. The PS3 is diferent.
Imagine you donwload a BMP from the internet. When it arrives on your computer you just click on it and its displayed. This is how the X360 files work. On the PS3 case, imagine that BMP file come in a *.EXE format where you have to run it in order for it to extract the BMP file.

Still, its not an excuse by any means. Just diferent aproaches to the same thing.
Dno  +   1461d ago
No i get that it makes sense. i really do im just saying this does not solve the problem. people only complain because we have to install it.

Sony needs to change it to how xbox does it.
darthv72  +   1461d ago
background downloads
that part is what gets me. Xbox is pretty simple in that you can shut the system down and it will uses low power mode to continue to download and then fully shutdown. PS3 remain completely on which isnt very energy efficient.

Then again, they both achieve the same results but are just handled in their own ways. We cant expect them to be the same. That is what makes each one unique. If people are wanting the ps3 to do things like the 360 then go get a 360 and vice versa.
moparful99  +   1461d ago
Sony has a different way of going about doing things I get that. Why you have to download and then install all in separate steps is beyond me and it used to bother me but the dl and install times have sped up significantly since the begining of this generation that it honestly is an afterthought to me anymore.. Also I'm a plus subscriber so my ps3 automatically turns on, dl's updates, patches, firmware etc and then turns off when i'm asleep.. It works so well that I can't remember the last time I had to sit there and wait for my ps3 to update a game or whatever... For psn being free it is a very very high quality service..
darthv72  +   1461d ago
Your last part is a bit interesting. You are a "plus" member and say that "psn being free it is a very very high quality service".

the interesting part is you really can't count yourself as a free PSN user. Granted that PLUS is optional but the point you made about how it does all these things when you sleep isnt available to the free PSN users.

If it was then i would agree with you but seeing as you need to pay to get that perk sort of takes the wind out of that sail.
KUV1977  +   1461d ago
I think he means that the free part is pretty great already and the PLUS-part just makes it that much better.
I totally agree with that statement, but there is a time when you have to wait for an update and that is when you play a game for the first time and there are updates available. Obviously PLUS had no chance to download them already. I recently had that with Resistance 3. I played it months after it came out and had to wait through 4 updates. However, that is very rare since i have PLUS.
moparful99  +   1461d ago
@darth Sorry guess I could have worded it better.. Just like KUV said the basic psn in and of itself is a really high quality service especially since its a free service, however subscribing to ps+ makes it that much better.. The features and content that it adds to psn makes it outstanding..

I honestly think that if Microsoft adopted a similiar model, like say they have gold be free where you can play online and do the basic online functions. But if you're a paid platinum subscriber you get access to exclusive demos and content, you get access to all of that other fluff that they have on top of live, and you have a similar auto update feature that it would be tremendously successful..
LOGICWINS  +   1461d ago
"I want it to install while im playing another game like the xbox."

I'd LOVE to do that too. I also want to be able to be on Netflix while downloading stuff. Doubt it will ever happen though due to PS3s limited RAM.
PirateThom  +   1461d ago
That's not a RAM issue, that's a bandwidth issue for the internet. I'm pretty sure the 360 interupts downloading as well when software accesses online features, including Netflix. I may be wrong and they may have changed that though.
Half-Mafia  +   1461d ago
Thats not a limit of RAM, more your broadband speed. Downloading a games while trying to stream video would just cause your video to keep buffering.
baodeus  +   1461d ago
i think it is the Bandwith, not the RAM. However, i have tested out before and it seems the ps3 is slower. I did this by running both x360 and ps3 simultaneously (both hook up to the same router). When more things are going, both slow down quite significantly, but x360 still seem to load a tad faster.
teedogg80  +   1461d ago
I have to agree with you on that. I also own both systems and downloading demos and games on the 360 is a whole lot better.
Why o why  +   1461d ago
Agreed. Ive always liked that about the 360
guitar_nerd_23  +   1461d ago
Handy, I didn't know that.
CynicalVision  +   1461d ago
It's great when you're downloading full games but it's only really handy if you're leaving the PS3 on overnight. Sadly it isn't like the 360 where it'll install in the background.
GribbleGrunger  +   1461d ago
agreed. that's one feature the PS3 could do with
Fylus  +   1461d ago
The 360 doesn't install in the background. It doesn't install at all. It's just ready to play after the download. It's like how Battlefield 3 is a mandatory install on the PS3 before you can play, and the 360 version is playable right from insertion of the disk.
darthv72  +   1461d ago
it is still installing the game as its downloading. If you do a comparison of a game on the psn and live and they are the same size. The 360 one downloads and is installing at the same time. PS3 downloads then installs when its finished.

both do the same thing but just do it differently. Both start with the compressed file for transport but by the time it gets to your system it is ready for use because it has been uncompressed and installed.

Ps3 just takes an extra step where the 360 is doing that extra step as its downloading.
Fylus  +   1460d ago
Oh, my bad. Either way, thanks for the info! And I apologize for the late response, my internet was turned off yesterday and I just got it back.
Half-Mafia  +   1461d ago
Im pretty sure if you go to Users, Turn off system. Then there is a option to turn off the PS3 after downloads are complete, it will then install the games for you, then turn off.

Or you can get PS+ and have you PS3 turn on in the early hours of the morning and check for game updates and games to install.
PirateThom  +   1461d ago
Yep, if you have a huge download queue and use the "off button", it will ask if you want to download and then do it automatically.
Why o why  +   1461d ago
I use that feature all the time, just makes sense. I was glad when they added that
ConstipatedGorilla  +   1461d ago
PS Plus is so worth the money. The amount of free and discounted content you get alone is worth it, but when you factor in cloud saves and features like you just mentioned, it becomes even more valuable. I woke up this morning and didn't even need to download the firmware update!
moparful99  +   1461d ago
I whole heartedly agree.. I have hundreds of dollars worth of free content on my hard drive because I've been a plus sub. since the very begining.. I was soo timid about subscribing but the bonus 3 month deal lured me in and because of the psn outtage and subsequent fallout I paid $40 for 18 months of ps+.. From the free simpsons arcade, all back to the future episodes, tomb raider underworld, free minis, uncharted 3 beta, starhawk beta, dc universe beta, numerous exclusive demo's, avatars, premium and dynamic theme's, free dlc etc etc etc... I love ps+ and when my current sub runs out I will renew immediately...

Oh yea forgot to mention the auto updates, cloud saving, and automatic trophy syncing :)
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bahabeast  +   1461d ago
ps3 is my primary console and i must say the way the 360 downloads stuff im jelous of it, console stays in low power state and download whateva you want and no installs. yes the ps3 can download and install then shut off but the thing is i dnt want my console on for long hours if i aint playing a game on it.
madara0sama  +   1461d ago
Agreed. Also you can play music anytime and on any game. Something I am jealous of when I play the 360.
bahabeast  +   1461d ago
the music part nahhhh i had a 360 and never used it soo mabe cross game chat but custom tracks not needed for me
Fylus  +   1461d ago
I would say the Music thing is the only thing I'm truly jealous of. Other features like Cross-Game Chat are really cool but for me personally, I'm not a talker so probably wouldn't even use it.
moparful99  +   1461d ago
The ps3 has the ability for custom soundtracks during games but sony doesn't require that developers implement it so it is an afterthought for most games on the ps3..
IHateYouFanboys  +   1461d ago
@moparful99: "but sony doesn't require that developers implement it so it is an afterthought for most games on the ps3"

the thing is, microsoft dont require developers to implement it either - microsoft made it an OS feature that is integrated into the system, so developers dont have to do a thing, its already done for them.

Sony literally had no idea what people would want this generation when they made the OS for the PS3. in-game menu? nah, people wont want that. custom soundtracks? nah. universal friends list? pfft. automatic install of downloads? nah, who would want the thing theyre downloading to automatically be useful? cross-game chat? why would you want that? parties? pfft everyones a lone wolf.

integration shouldve been the first thing sony wrote on the board when they started designing the OS for the PS4. hopefully they did.
Nodoze  +   1460d ago
I think Ihateyou forgets that there is a thing called software patents that Microsoft employs to limit competition.

This is the reason things like in game music, cross game chat etc are not implemented. MS patented them.
KwietStorm  +   1461d ago
For long hours? What could you be downloading that would take so long?
Relientk77  +   1461d ago
Im glad this was submitted here so people could find out how to do this. I dont remember when I figured it out maybe like a year ago or less. This is a very handy method. Also not only does it download and install the games, it goes faster too.
PersonMan  +   1461d ago
Just don't install a game or demo while you have other downloads going in the background.... they install SOOOOOOOOO slow if you do that.
KwietStorm  +   1461d ago
Who didn't know this? The problem is you have to sit there and let it work, instead of playing a game. If you have a host of things in the queue, it can take a while. I just goplay my game and then tell the system to shut off after downloads are completed with the power off option in the XMB.
Beastradamus   1461d ago | Spam
mintrieri  +   1461d ago
Never used the Cart so thank you for the info on automatic installation. Though I wish Sony would fix the issue by making the process more transparent (like 360). Also, do I really need to run the whole PS3 to charge my controller? (Yes, I can plug the controller into some other USB device, I know.) Sony needs to add a low power mode for downloading queues and charging controllers like MS.
IaussieGamer  +   1461d ago
what a pathetic article how did it get into the top articles to watch. Everyone knows this and there is one very big thing this article got incorrect. Not all the downloads automatically install lol Fail article.
Conzul  +   1461d ago
Holding the PS button quits more quickly than bringing up the xmb.
sandman224  +   1461d ago
Why can't you download a full game off of the bluray disk to your hard drive so you don't have to hear the laser read the disk? For example MW3, it would be nice to have your ps3 run whisper quiet like the xbox360 slim when you install the full game. And yes I have a slim ps3 320gb
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mechanicleman  +   1461d ago
with PSN + your PS3 can download things why you are not even there and turn off by itself when done.
SaffronCurse  +   1461d ago
Yeah, the Add to cart option really makes it alot easier to shop for things.

Im surprised many people don't know about this considering it's like right under the buy button.
kingPoS  +   1461d ago
As a psn+ user I usually let the auto update
do it thing. And listen to music unlimited
while the ps3's on a 3hr timer.

The timer & autoupdate combo hasn't failed me yet!
hazelamy  +   1461d ago
i just get them all started then go to the shut down menu and choose the install then shut down option.
it's handy if i get a few started before i have to go out or to bed.

but this way is good if i'm waiting to play them.
glopez  +   1460d ago
Hmmm... I knew you could do the batch downloads but for some reason my ps3 doesn't automatically install them. I still have to do it manually. Didn't know about holding the ps button for ten seconds though so thanks for that Drstabwounds
SaffronCurse  +   1460d ago
If you want your ps3 to install the games, you can scroll all the way to the left, select turn off system and it will give you a message asking if you want your ps3 to auto shut down once it downloads+ installs everything, it's practical.

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