Relax, the PlayStation Network isn't going anywhere

Earlier this week, Sony found out what happens when you tweak the vocabulary surrounding a service that millions of people use every day when it announced it would be renaming PlayStation Network accounts as Sony Entertainment Network accounts. The change is minor, but many fans — and even some editorial outlets — took this to mean the PlayStation Network moniker had met its end.

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LiL T2203d ago

Idiots were thinking it was over, people that paid attention knew otherwise. They clearly stated thier intention at CES with the whole integration of all the products.

colonel1792203d ago (Edited 2203d ago )

It will still confuse people, because it's still call Playstation Network on the PS3, and will still have PSN cards to purchase.

Someone that doesn't know, will be like ok, I have a PSN card, but the thing ask me for the SEN account?...

They should have gotten rid of the PSN network entirely and replace it with he SEN logo. At least that's what I was expecting from the change, but it is Sony, and while I love their products, they just don't organize as well as they should.

Fylus2203d ago

What's ESN? I thought it was SEN... :p

remanutd552203d ago

thats what they are trying to do , to have an unified network and if you dont read what you are about to agree or sign then its not their problem , is it ?

colonel1792203d ago

They want to have a unified network, which is great news. But they will confuse people, if they don't get rid of PSN completely. If you have a PS3, you might have noticed that you still have the PSN logo in the XMB and is still called Playstation Network. That could be confusing to some, because the name is now SEN.

Yesterday's update, should have replaced the PSN logo, with SEN logo. That's it.

Mikhail2203d ago

They are just putting PSN under SEN. Why change the name of the service? Its like changing the name of XBL because you have windows live account and changing youtube/google+ when you have a google account.

newguy272203d ago

Welcome to the PlayStation umbrella. I won't have a problem with it, as long as I can play Arkham City and Resident Evil games on it, I won't complain!

torchic2203d ago

it's now the Sony umbrella, not the PlayStation one :)

Ethereal2203d ago

Told everyone nothing was changing.....but no one wanted to listen. Apparently people can't read.

FinaLXiii2203d ago

I guess this is for the better.

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