Developer behind LittleBigPlanet Karting

Find out which studio is developing the mysterious new project LittleBigPlanet Karting.

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Relientk772233d ago

The company who made ModNation Racers, United Front Games, is making it. Sweet.

I thought Media Molecule would work with them on it, but I guess instead of working with them on it, United Front Games is making it.

Blastoise2233d ago

Wow I was a bit worried at first because i thought "what if the customisation isnt as good as modnation racers" but if united front games are making & its little big planet this should be even better

crimsonfox2233d ago

i swear when mod nation racers came out Sony should have made the characters Sackboys and girls it would have sold way more copies, plus the mod nation characters i dont find as as cool as Sackboys/girls. then being able to port over costumes bought on the store would be really cool to, so you could take YOUR Sackboy where ever a play create share game went. for Sony of course

pedrami912233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

Wonder what MM is working....

I read somewhere about them working on a portable project and it ain't LBP Vita because it's Double Eleven who's working on it.

As much as like LBP, what's the point in making a kart game out of it ? doesn't that compete with their own game Modnation Racers ?

bahabeast2233d ago

nah it dsnt compete with mod nation because who aint buy mod nation by now probably dnt want it plsu they dnt care ALL owned by sony soo money will still make.

Drekken2233d ago

You type like you are as high as you look in your picture. I speak Stonese and I still can't understand.

LolololRumz2233d ago

I think I understand you, he's basically saying people who haven't bought Modnation now won't buy it and Sony doesn't care because they both own Modnation and LBP

Disccordia2232d ago

Media Molecule are working on a new game. Not LBP related but could be similar sort of idea I guess. I imagine it will be for next gen though now

JimboJones2233d ago

This seems unnecessary. Sony is either doing two things.

Phasing out Modnation


Making Modnation a PS Vita exclusive series.

To me it seems like a stupid idea. Usually i get excited when Sony announce a new exclusive, but this i find extremely strange and unnecessary.

PirateThom2233d ago

Phasing out ModNation is most likely and, honestly, it surprised me that ModNation was not LBP to begin with.

Sevir2233d ago

Both were profitable enough to see a sequel! And obviously Sony was pleased with the studio's work that they tapped them to work on a new branch for the LBP brand! 2 Kart racing games in the play create share sub genre can exist. If WAS can have medal of honor and battlefield and BF:BC all co exist, and ninty can have MarioKart and Diddy Kong Racing then Sony can Have LBP Karting and MNR coexist. There's a huge fanbase for both brands and its only logical Sony expands on its popular franchise! MNR gets a sequel with Road Trip for Vita and LBP expands with Karting!

PirateThom2233d ago

That's all well and good, but Mario Kart and Diddy Kong Racing were different games entirely... this is two games with a heavy focus on user created content and karts.

JimboJones2230d ago


Modnation and this new LBP karting are both made by the same developer, United Front Games, that's why i think it isn't necessary, considering you could practically make racing games in LBP 2

smashcrashbash2231d ago

How is making another Kart racer 'phasing' out MNR? When you put multiple shooters on a single system from the same developer does that mean that they are 'phasing' out the old one?

Sevir2233d ago

I loved it! I just hope there engine is Optimized better with no horrific load times! At this late in the ps3 cycle 45 sec load times are a crime!

Rynx2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

The way they handed out exp. points was a crime. If your mod didn't get on the Top 3, it would take you FOREVER to get those two gold trophies. LBP became infamous for it's "share" type trophies, but MNR took it a whole new level of taking you AWAY from the enjoyment of just racing.

Sevir2233d ago

They need to be better! MNR's fan feedback was taken to heart. I hope they perfect the formula with LBP:K. As MNR is a flawed Gem! :-)

Disccordia2232d ago

I know it's not united front making the vita game but the load times on it are even more horrendous than the ps3 version. They need to learn that this isn't good for this type of game!

BitbyDeath2232d ago

That is great news, i was hoping they'd not be left out of the lurch considering how similar this would be with Modnation Racers.

Here's hoping they don't have those horrible loading times in this version, that should be priority 1.