The 10 Most Anticipated Games for 2012

For a gamers, each coming year represents a world of expectations, hopes, surprises and above all desperate for new games that will go on sale. This not only attracts the attention of fans, if not, also belonging to the video game industry, which boasts a multi-billion dollar global market for companies like Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. The year 2011 brought several hits, which kept millions of gamers entertained for hours on end. No doubt this new year display a list of the most anticipated games which here are:

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otherZinc2171d ago

Now this is a good list!
Agreed; Halo 4!

I'd put COD:Next & Ghost Recon:Future Soldier in there in place of Street Fighter & another game. But good list.

MakiManPR2171d ago

COD?? srsly?? You've been playing the same game for over 4-5 years and you still get hyped for another one?

latinalover2171d ago

I am wanting to see what happen in the end of kingdom hearts 3ds, so i will know what kingdom hearts 3 will be like.