Your Pokémon Red, Blue & Yellow Saves Are Almost Gone Forever

The life support for our old Pokémon is about to be turned off.

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Kalowest2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

WTF you have to be kidding; can we replace the battery?

resistance1002263d ago

Yes and you can also buy adapters to copy you game save away from the cartridge

one2thr2263d ago

If it really matters to you, yes... Yes you can change the battery... You'll need some soldering skills, and some knowledge of how to get that weird screw out... I used a steak knife to get it out, seeing that my tony hawks case was broken, til the innards out of my sisters powerpuff girls case and replaced it with my tony hawks innards... It was tricky, but it did work... Fun fact: You can play any game boy games with a game boy advance that has a lot of lotion in the cartridge slot... Lol

Fatty2263d ago

They sell the screwdriver head needed for those security screws online for fairly cheap. I bought one a year ago to replace the batteries in some of my SNES carts; it was one of the best game investments I've made.

Tsuru2263d ago

If you remove the battery you will lose the save. You need to copy the data off before replacing the battery.

Snookies122263d ago

There are always roms. o_o lol

SilentNegotiator2263d ago

They allow games to outlive what they normally would, which is great. Over a decade ago, I played them on my Gameboy, and now today I shall play them on my newest handheld.

MySwordIsHeavenly2263d ago

I use roms on my phone. It just freezes the game from where I stopped. :)

mamotte2263d ago

...weird thing is, my Donkey Kong Country cartdridge from SNES still saves and work like a charm.