The High Score is Dead

GamerfitNation: The high score doesn’t mean anything anymore. In the current gaming environment, games focus on playing against other players or playing against a story. Back in the day when people went to arcades, you couldn’t mess with the high score list, now with the internet, people have figured out how to hack the games and put up any number they want. But aside from the people hacking the games, there are others who don’t want to put in the time for just a score, they want to feel like they accomplished something.

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ThatArtGuy2326d ago

Too bad, because back then you had to have advanced skills just to have any high score, let alone the best high score.

guitarded772326d ago

Unless someone found a glitch in the game and exposed it... I personally think high scores are alive and well with global leader boards. Also, trophies/achievements are a type of high score goal, with people going for a higher trophy count or gamerscore.

ThatArtGuy2326d ago

Unfortunately, you have a limit to how many trophies you can attain on a single game.

guitarded772326d ago

True... Some games deserve hundreds of trophies, like Gran Turismo 5. But score counts level out too. Usually 999,999,... but I think there are cases where the score on some games goes into e notation (older games of course).

MurDocINC2326d ago

Today's high score = high KDR.

oldfriend862326d ago

I wouldn't say the high score has died, but evolved in a sense.

Most games these days have global rankings, so you can see how well you stack up against other players.

KingOfArcadia2326d ago

I'm not the kind of person who normally goes out of my way to be competitive enough to rank on global leaderboards. When RDR was still new though, I decided to check the global leaderboards for a laugh, since they tracked a lot of weird things.

Imagine my surprise to find out I was within the top 10 worldwide for killing those damn cougars at a location-specific challenge in multiplayer. I would go home & seriously spend a couple of hours doing nothing else in the game but replay that one challenge. I rose up to nearly the top 5 before I realized how stupid it was, and went back to actually playing the game.

I don't check the global leaderboards anymore.

additup282326d ago

there is also achievements and trophies, which to me seem like an extension of the idea of high score

Fishy Fingers2326d ago

Except high scores were a simple way to show your skill in a certain game, trophies/achievements done really show skill, more your willingness to grind at something.

High scores one off, mine different from yours etc, trophies/achievements, if we both have the lot, who's better at said game?

QuodEratDemonstrandm2326d ago

I clicked Agree because most of your statement is true. Your statement implying that trophies/achievements are for people who are willing to grind isn't 100% accurate. The best trophies are the ones that encourage exploring; whether it's new areas, new ways to play, or just pulling off crazy tricks. But trophies like Trail of Corpses in Prototype (50k+ kills) are definitely about grinding. But then there are trophies like Head Hunter (3 headshots in quick succession in Infamous 2) which require some skill, and virtually any trophy from little big planet is awarded for playing the story levels, creating levels, and playing levels that other people have created.

vader12312312326d ago

Sad but true. End of an era I guess.

2326d ago