IGN: Supreme Commander Xbox 360 interview and first screens

The widespread adoption of real-time strategy games by console players has been limited almost entirely by the notion that, at least for this genre, a controller is inferior to the traditional mouse and keyboard. The first question that pops to mind when another RTS is announced for the console is invariably one of how it can be made to work with a standard controller. Indeed, when it was revealed that the acclaimed Supreme Commander would be making the move from PC to Xbox 360 in early 2008, that topic is the focus of the set of questions IGN took to Aspyr and Gas Powered Games. Marc Scattergood, Producer, Gas Powered Games, was kind enough to field them.

Tidbits from the interview:
- They have integrated much of the more mature code base and enhancements that went into Forged Alliance. But this is the original Supreme Commander.
- The only thing they have taken out of this version are the largest multiplayer maps.
- The gameplay is faster, but otherwise unchanged.
- The 360 will include nine total new units, three [of] which are completely exclusive to this version.
- The 360 release will support four players in multiplayer game.
- Visually it is on par with the PC version.
- There will be a downloadable demo.

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MK_Red3778d ago

"gameplay is faster"!? The game was already to fast based on it's scale and on 360 (console) things usually get slower.
I couldn't run SC on my own system but really liked the game. Hopefully the 360 version turns out as great or even better considering the updates they are implimenting.

Charlie26883778d ago

I find it hard to believe the game will actual be faster considering the fact that many people on the PC even with M&K felt overwhelmed by the game, also pretty much as predicted the mega large maps were eliminated, I REALLY wonder what also have they adjusted for the console release and are not telling us since everybody that has played the PC version knows this games isn't exactly "console friendly" (like other RTS could become) specially considering you play with a game pad

JsonHenry3778d ago

I HOPE the gameplay is faster. It can take an hour at a time to play a 2v2 game on the PC. And at least 45 minutes until you get your first Nuke/experimental unit.

However, I looked at the screens - and it is NOT on par with the PC visually. At least not the PC version running at full detail. Maybe with everything running @ medium.

MK_Red3778d ago

Of all recent RTS games, SupCom is definitly the least "console friendly" and managing all that with game pad is indeed hard.

As for speed, I have no problem with faster pace but we already have control problems with RTS games on consoles and a faster game will only make things harder unless they come up with a really revolutionary UI and conrol which I doubt.

Lord Cheese3778d ago

i really wasnt impressed with the SC pc demo, the interface seemed somewhat clunky. But my laptop wasnt really up to the task so i suppose its to be expected that it wasnt perfect. I'll definately try the 360 demo, if only to see how the game translates (i was quite impressed with BFME2 and C&C3, but they were both EA....)

LJWooly3778d ago

World in Conflict looked better than this, and that's a game I could run on medium settings on my 4 year old Dell Dimension E521.

Also, I don't see how the Supreme commander series could get any faster than it already was. If it's too fast, it just won't be fun to play.

AllroundGamer3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

seems very downgraded, just look at the second screen in the background, the mountains are awful.

xboxrumble3778d ago

this game is a beast to run I think you need a quad or something.

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