Final Fantasy Frankenstein: making the perfect JRPG

OXM UK: "We've all got favourite bits from different games. But If we put those bits together, would we have the perfect game? Or some patchwork Frankenstein that would attract a mob of angry torch-wielding fans?"

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dirigiblebill2208d ago

I'd go for an FF9 remake. Massively underrated game, IMO. I'd also go for a FF12 remake with no stupid License System.

Snookies122208d ago

I agree FF9 is too underrated. The game was phenomenal! Though the game that needs a remake most is FF7, not because it's so liked, but because it doesn't hold up well graphically. FF6 looks great for Snes, it's perfect with it. FF8, and FF9 at least looked normal character wise for PS1. However FF7, the characters just look god awful now.

Blastoise2207d ago

Final fantasy IX is a masterpiece in my opinion, but chances are a remake would ruin it. Considering the characters are all aged around 16 or so they`d probably give them awful voices are something. Where as with text you can imagine them talking however you want

VileAndVicious2207d ago

lol the license system wasnt so bad! Each character should have had their OWN individual license board though, I didnt like how essentially each character was a blank slate. The worst thing about 12 were the summons IMO.

But yeah 9 was pretty awesome I enjoyed it more than 7 actually. But I would absolutely love for square to just give me a REAL sequel to FF tactics. But thats just me lol.

D3mons0ul2207d ago (Edited 2207d ago )

"No explanation required. Better than Sephiroth."

Really buddy? More like no explanation conceived in the first place. I dont have a problem with the argument if you actually have one but all you did was make an opinionated statement that is the equivalent of "O'DOYLE RULES"