Twisted Metal developer David Jaffe to address storytelling at D.I.C.E.

David Jaffe will deliver a speech about negative effects of storytelling on the video game medium at the D.I.C.E summit in Las Vegas.

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rezzah2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

Negative aspects of storytelling within video games (that i can think of):

Cut-scenes - take up part of the game`s time. There are those who believe that games are meant to be solely played without any ``interruption`` from cut-scenes.

Don`t care - Some people simply don`t care for story and only play for gameplay. CoD MP only players, and then there are games like monster where the focus is only gameplay (story is in mission notes).

Repetition/bland - With each game it becomes harder to create something original (something never done before), this being that people naturally borrow ideas from others or something to blend ideas together. Sometimes this may not appear as ``new`` but as a rip-off of someone else idea. In the example of sequels, some may increase with intensity and actually engage the player while others may lose the player`s attachment and eventually appear bland. In my opinion, KZ is a series in which the story has gotten interesting and very engaging over time. On the other hand, CoD4 to MW3 is an example of a story losing its touch with each sequel (opinion).

I am sure there are other reasons that can be brought up, but I cannot think of anymore currently.

Still something to note is with each negative idea brought up there is a equal positive idea in opposition.

LightofDarkness2264d ago

Cutscene overkill, hand-holding, corridor gameplay (designing maps to funnel you from one cutscene to the next, eliminating exploration), not allowing player interactivity during key moments/scenes...

There are a few.

rezzah2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

I can think of positive reasons for all of those examples except 1.

Hand Holding.

I must admit that there is only 1 game think I can think of that had Hand-holding in it, and to me it was the worst aspect of the game. Enslaved.

If possible can you provide other games that have hand-holding?

Edit: i want to see if I can find a positive reason for hand-holding story telling.

Ultr2264d ago

I agree with rezzah.

I mean I LOVE the storytelling in Killzone 2 for example, I think its VERY VERY great and the gameplay is total Tunneling, but hey, it is actually fun.

Hand holding...Enslaved, wow that game sucked hard because of the gameplay, let alone story that was fkng rushed at the end...

Nac2264d ago

Can't we have a medium that caters to both crowds? I have long felt that there is soon to be a split between things that are meant to be "fun" and things that are meant to be experiences. What is wrong with having things for all people? Hell, if Jaffe wants to make something that is pure game, let him. If ND wants to go out and make something that is more of an experience, power to them, I am sure I will/would enjoy both.