Skyrim Graphics Comparison: HD Textures vs. Vanilla Skyrim

PC Games has a nice graphics comparison. They compare vanilla Skyrim with Skyrim including official HD textures.

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Pandamobile1907d ago

Not as big of an improvement as I would have liked.

RedDead1907d ago

It still looks pretty average. Well free upgrade anyway, not that mods won't surpass it soon(if they haven't already)

Voxelman1906d ago

at least it's something

lastdual1907d ago

I find this comparison video more helpful:

Some textures show a bigger improvement than others, but overall it's definitely a step up. Beth really should have released something like this day 1 for PC players.

PS4OUR1907d ago

Its Bethesda. Release buggy incomplete game (get praised for it by media), then patch patch and patch away.

SaffronCurse1907d ago

The fact that the ps3 version is still not fixed really tells me they shouldn't have won any award. Plus even on the other platforms they are still glitchy as hell.

Denethor_II1906d ago

Playing it at 60fps in 1080p makes quite a difference from consoles.

ninjahunter1906d ago

Ugh, this mod affects almost everything but terrain and some trees and stuff. And this is a pretty amazing texture pack, the fact that the detail is so fine and not contrasted to the next dimension sure is getting alot of whiners going though. I personally like that the textures are believable and not eye cutting, IE scratches on your leather armor dont always have to look like you were attacked by an axe murderer.

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