Pachter: Mass Effect may come to PS3

PSU writes:
"Remember when we did a feature on Mass Effects chances of coming to the PlayStation 3 console? It was a really optimistic feature that highlighted the many reasons why the Mass Effect trilogy could end up landing on the PlayStation 3. PSU is not the only one to think this, as it has been a topic of debate ever since EA purchased Bioware a while back.

Michael Pachter, Wedbush Morgan Securities Analyst, has taken his stance on the entire situation by stating he believes that Mass Effect will not remain an Xbox 360 exclusive.

Speaking with a panel of others on Gametrailers, Pachter commented, "Trust me, Electronic Arts, when they threw out the 300 million that is multiplatform that is not 360 only." And when asked if it will come to the PS3, he finished with, "It has to, I wouldn't be shocked if Mass Effect 1 came to PlayStation 3."

Currently Bioware still labels Mass Effect as an Xbox 360 exclusive. The first game in what is planned as a trilogy is already released with great reviews. Perhaps when it is time to reveal more on Mass Effect 2, will Bioware be able to talk more freely in relation to ME on the PS3."

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Skerj3810d ago

I'll believe it when I see it, MS might just co-publish the thing and prevent that from ever happening.

ruibing3810d ago

MS probably wouldn't want it to come to the PS3 because they will lose face, so, in the worst case scenario, I would just like it to come to the PC at least. I like good games and good story, Mass Effect has it but I'm not about to buy a 360 over it.

ry-guy3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

Kind of beat me to the punch. Microsoft owns the publishing rights to the first two games. It is that third game that is up in the air.

marinelife93810d ago

I'll play it if they fix the long elevator rides/loading times. And actually put some unique content on all of the worlds. But I don't believe a word Pachter says. He even admitted himself that he throws stuff on a wall to see what sticks.

Leathersoup3809d ago

BioShock and Mass Effect... side by side ;)

solidt123809d ago

If EA wants it to be multiplatform then it will be. Bottome line. They can buy out MS if the have to or whatever but it is all in the hand of EA. EA owns their soul now.

Percy3809d ago

Then you must be looking at the 360 rack. I personally think mass effect has about as good a chance of coming to the ps3 as final fantasy 13 has of going to the 360.

myxomatosis3809d ago

Well untill they improve the game stability, they can keep mass effect an exclusive. i dont have enough fingers to count how often that game has crapped the bed while i was playing it. its pretty short too, and the side quests are boring. i just hope the second one is better, i was dissappointed by the first.

Leathersoup3809d ago

Just in case you didn't see the wink at the end of my sentence, here it is again. ;)

I was attempting to make a link between this story and all the previous, "BioShock is coming to the PS3" stories that were the rage a few weeks ago.

As far as I'm concerned, if Mass Effect ends up on the PS3 I'm all for it. BioWare makes great games and if more people get to enjoy them on different systems, BioWare will earn more money.

As for the whole EA owning and controlling BioWare. It makes me afraid. Every company that EA has taken over and decided to control has disappeared. Take, for instance, Westwood. EA took over and nothing even remotely Westwood ever appears except for C&C regurgitation. Whee.

IntelligentAj3809d ago

I don't believe this not one bit. Also it doesn't matter much to me as I'll already have a great RPG to play in FF13.

Percy3809d ago

lol sorry about that name screw up did it on accident. the sarcasm went right over my head. i thought you were serious

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hulk_bash19873810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

Here come all the "no way in hell" and "it'll happen" comments. Let the flamming begin. Anyways my personal opinion is that w/ the flyaway success of the 1st, Microsoft aint gonna let is one go, but anything is possible.

Capt CHAOS3809d ago

Still, good for gamers if it comes to the PS3...

Lord_Mike3809d ago

Well I hope your right about Microsoft not letting it go. I don't think many PS3 owners will buy the game.


Wouldnt want this crap to come on Ps3 any way. Xbots you can keep it.

socsca3810d ago

I'm guessing that when it does come to the ps3 (if it does) you'll be like "oh I tried it and now that I see it on the PS3 it really rocks!!! Xbox 360 pwnd!". Anybody disagreeing: *cough* Oblivion...

Bebedora3810d ago

Yup. You summed it up pretty well there. Even if this guy doesn't do it (if ever ME goes PS3) I can see a lot of those two comments related to posters.

killax35633810d ago

If Mass Effect comes to the ps3, EA better fix it. ME may be pushing the Xbox 360 to the max but the ps3 should be able to handle the game with ease.

CrazzyMan3810d ago

well, Oblivion looks on PS3 BETTER and DON`T have long downloadings.

Now imagine Mass effect with short donwloadings, no texture pop ups, some added content, without frame rate drops. That would be REally a GREAT POLISHED game.

The game will be perfect, if they will improve teammates AI.
And as you can see in Uncharted, AI is good there, so there is a chance, that in ME on PS3 we would have a good AI.

I would like to play such game without so MANY issues on PS3. =)

ry-guy3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

The texture problem (which I don't really see as a problem) is something related to the Unreal Engine 3. Even Unreal Tournament 3 for the PS3 shows this problem to some degree. This is not an Xbox hardware problem.

And if AI sold games we'd see a flip in sales between Uncharted and Mass Effect. Unforutnantly, team AI means crap to overall game play. In fact 99% of the time I don't even think about giving commands to my teammates unless I want to use their powers.

unlimited3809d ago

same i dont really care about this game..but im sure there is some ps3 fans who love it to come to the PS3. Im all for games to increase the ps3 library..

wallace10003809d ago

Have you played the game or is it simply crap because it isn't on the PS3?

drewlusk3809d ago

Crap? This game is better than anything that the PS3 has put out yet so shut your mouth you stupid ass.

solidt123809d ago

I have it on the 360 and it is a good game, but i hope that when they bring it to the PS3 they fix some of the problems it has. textures load very slow and there are frame rate issues. I think that the PS3 version would have alot faster load times like Oblivion did since they can cache files on the Harddrive. If they don't bring it to the PS3 it's like leaving money on the table. The same for Bioshock.

Sarick3809d ago

Oblivion on the PS3 didn't even use the cells potential. From what I read Oblivion didn't use the SPUs at all. If EA did make ME for the PS3 and actually used the features of the cell it'd hard to imagine the possibilities.

Saying the PS3 version runs better when the DEVs didn't even use the SPUs makes me wonder what this game would do on the PS3.

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Genuine3810d ago

I think in 2008 we are going to see the ps3 losing exclusives, not the other way around.

NoUseMerc3810d ago

Not really true...already you have Lost Planet, Eternal Sonata, and possibly Bioshock coming to the PS3...and many developers now are moving to put PS3 as lead development platform. I wouldn't be surprised if this is the beginning of a trend.

Genuine3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

I might believe Lost Planet and Eternal Sonata because they are Japanse developed. Do you have any credible proof regarding Bioshock? Or any proof that devs are making the ps3 the lead platform. And I'm not talking about PSU or a delusional sony head.

With the 360's lead, momentum, and record breaking attach rate keeping games with big production values exclusive to ps3 would be business suicide.

SlippyMadFrog3810d ago

If I was a publisher and my company's success purely rests on how well our game will sell, then it is common sense to release it on the Xbox360. If you look at the software sales, Xbox360 is far ahead of the pack. An added bonus will be that it can also be easily ported to the PC.
If you make a game only for the PS3, -> not so good sales -> costs a lot to port since the difference in architecture.
The performance gains (if any) from developing on the PS3 doesn't outweigh the cost.

This is why I think that the Xbox360 will have the strongest lineup next year.

NoUseMerc3810d ago

@ Genuine

Yeah, send me a PM and I can send you my proof,..Bioshock has been in development for the PS3 for quite a while. They just have to wait until after Xmas to say anything on it due to Microsoft's deal. They paid to make it exclusive till 2008.

Bebedora3810d ago

If you have proof of BS being in development for quite a while... I am interested to know. The little I saw on a friends hampered/stuttering PC made me thrilled about it.

socsca3810d ago

Who exactly is making the PS3 their lead development platform? I find that impossible to believe since (no matter what fanboys might say) its still not even close to the amounts of 360s sold. Also, aren't most developers having separate teams for separate consoles, making the whole "lead platform" debate unnecesary? Mmmmmm?

I guess its possible that Mass Effect comes to the PS3, about as possible as Uncharted making an appearence on the 360 tho...
But from an ill informed rational choice economist perspective it would make sense.

to4073810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

my guy show us your proof that bioshock has been in development for a while for ps3 and let everyone see it and please stop blabbing

NoUseMerc3810d ago

@ socsca

Both Sega Rally and Burnout Paradise are PS3 as lead platform. I could do some research and come up with a bigger list if you want...but developers are finding it cheaper and easier to port from PS3 to Xbox, and it makes for better games too.

Bebedora3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

The devs behind pro street. Didn't they say they ported from PS3 to 360? I think that was the case. They only saw pros with doing it. Better code and easier porting than vise versa.

[edit] beat me to it. Burnout Paradise might be what I was thinking about.

Omegasyde3810d ago

Genuine, I already see Xbox losing more of its exclusives..

Sooner or later Real time strategies games will come to the ps3. Command and conquer 3 is coming to the PS3. I bet my account on it. Theres a market for them on the PS3 especially with more keyboard and mouse support. There isn't even a RTS now on the PS3, hmm Pachter should of saw that coming.

Not sure about Sega universe at war however, but it might also. Exclusives are more of staying in the hands of each system especially with a high attach rate of the 360 and the huge momentum that the PS3 is getting at the moment.

Things were different when there was only 4 million ps3's to 9 million Xbox 360's earlier this year. I don't see any said exclusive going to other systems (besides RTS's, but they were never really exclusive or were they?). Micrsoft better reach into it's wallet.

Jack T3810d ago

Bioshock will never be released on PS3. Anyone who says it already in development etc. Is a liar.

Ashta3809d ago

If you look WAAYYY back in the very earliest stages of the development of Bioshock there was a PS3 version already being worked on. However, Microsoft and their huge bags of money (I'm not trying to sound vindictive this really did happen) paid 2kGames to stop development on the PS3 version so they could keep it as a PC/360 exclusive at the time of distribution in 2007.

NOW! Whether or not the PS3 version has resumed development is another question, but the fact of the matter is that a PS3 version had already been approved in the beginning but it had been stalled and shut down developmental wise due to a corporate money hat thanks to Microsoft Game Studios.

If they have resumed development on a PS3 Bioshock then that would be awesome, but since I already own it on PC I don't myself picking it up again. Would be nice for people who don't own an updated PC or a 360 to be able to enjoy the game without having to spend hundreds of dollars in seperate hardware.

fusionboxer3809d ago

SCEA boss Tretton (not sure how much trust we have in him) has stated that multiple studios are now using the ps3 as it's lead development platform.

Let's name a few:
- Criterion whose game is published by EA and now has influenced more studios within EA to do the same.
-Midway stated that from now on they'll develop for the ps3 first then the 360 after the horror, which was stranglehold and area 51
- Free Radical who are working on supposedly ps3 exclusive Haze are starting with the ps3 and will most likely move the project to the 360 later
-Epic decided to make Unreal tournament on the ps3 first as well then port it to the 360.
-And last but not least is Infinity Ward from Activision who decided to not really put ps3 as their lead platform, but put their best programmers on the ps3 to do simultaneous development for both consoles.

EDMIX3809d ago

The PS3 going into 2008 has more Exclusives then MS. Infact most Multiplaform games coming out nex year were once 360 exclusives in game or series form. Quake Wars (Quake 4 exclusive on 360) Riddick area, Sanits row 2, Condemed 2, Lost planet, Bioshock, Eternal sonata, and a crap load more. Devs are not making these games 360 exclusives any more. There are a lot of games that are just of now being made on PS3, that have not been before.

Bioshock, Fact it will be on the PS3. what developer in there right mind won't put it on the PS3? (the ones that hate money?) and don't use the whole, lack of PS3 sales crap cause the PS3 has sold like 6.5 million, soon to be 7 million. They put the darkness on the PS3 in Feb, when there was like 4 million PS3s or less, but at 6.5 million they won't put Bioshock, there better game on PS3? Its timed, just like Oblivion. FYI you don't really need proof for these things, just look at there past games and you'll know its timed.

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Neurotoxin3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

Yawn... Mass effect on ps3!? Michael Pachter, Wedbush Morgan Securities Analyst says it will.

Also.....Ronald MacDonald, Macdonald`s says Uncharted is coming to 360.

I`m fu*king loving it.

(p.s The yawn is to do with the continuing rubbish about Exclusive games going to opposing platforms, I would love Mass effect on PS3, its just not going to happen. Hope the 360 folk are enjoying it though.

SlippyMadFrog3810d ago

Got Mass Effect this weekend. It's pure gaming bliss on a little silver disc!

Kr1553810d ago

not saying it will deffinatly happen but uncharted is owned by sony it can't go multi plat unless they sell it (like crash bandicoot) ME however is not owned by microsoft. 2 now me is owned by EA. ea makes multi platform games and does not make deals with consoles to share publishing rights. as a developer ea sucks and if they do port me then the question is will anyone actually want it

Neurotoxin3809d ago

Phew luckily for me it was just a joke comparison.