EU-wide ban on game tax breaks

French benefits blocked unless restrictions lift; UK hopes fade; Quantic Dream considers Canada

France is on the brink of permanently losing its game tax breaks as industry officials urge Brussels to lift a new EU-wide ban on the initiative.

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Emilio_Estevez2324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

That is real crappy. Does this mean more tax breaks for oil companies as per usual? If they do this, then the devs will prolly move their studios and the jobs that come with them.

WolfLeBlack2324d ago

Aye, I can see the few remaining UK devs packing up and moving out now.


BattleAxe2323d ago

Sony Cambridge Studios soon to be renamed Sony Vancouver Studios :D

mac_sparrow2323d ago

Another blow to the already seriously wounded high school ict system. Finally it begins to look at updating (10 years too late) after the next gen report and STEM club initiative, begins to focus on programming, games and sfx and now where there was a shortage of workers there will be a shortage of jobs. Jobs that produce high turnover products that are good for the economy.

Well done everyone involved, to be this stupid you must be awfully smart.

ShaunCameron2323d ago

Indeed. More in the sense of what countries subjected themselves to when they decided to join the EU. Unelected people telling them how to run their own countries. Europe needs to go back to being decentralized.

ShaunCameron2323d ago

Whatever they do, do not come to the French part of Canada. The language laws, unions, high taxes and excessive government interference will will ruin them like they ruined a lot of businesses here over time.

ninjaman9992323d ago

This is seriously sad considering the fact that some of my all time favorite games are made in Europe ;__;

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