Sleeping Dogs – Announcement Trailer

Analoghype: "This is how you announce a game! Sleeping Dogs is an open world crime drama where your tasked with taking down the triads. Lots of hardcore action here for you to get hype off of."

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Cajun Chicken2232d ago

This is the rebranding of the new cancelled True Crime isn't it?

Nakiro2232d ago

Yeah, looks that way.
True Crime looked good in the first trailer.
I hope they do a good job with this game, has tons of potential.

Godmars2902232d ago

All I can think is that the Square of old would show gameplay, not his live action. Especially if they're putting this out this year.

r212232d ago

that was some pretty intense action scenes :O
now if the game was anything like this, i will be super impressed :D

Ilovetheps42232d ago

Wow, the video looks amazing. I am just wondering what the actual gameplay will be like though. It's tough to tell what the actual game will be like based on a live trailer.

Nakiro2232d ago

Check out a trailer for True Crime on YouTube and you will get a general idea of the gameplay.

Kalowest2232d ago

"Is this a new movie? /s"
And that's what it looks like, almost thought it was one.

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The story is too old to be commented.