Mass Effect 3: BioWare Creates Blends RPG and Shooter Well

GameBandits: "Apparently, BioWare has been successful in creating a franchise that combines RPG and shooter elements seamlessly. We are talking about the Mass Effect series, which manages to combine the two genres well enough that it went almost smack in the middle."

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PamPoovey2207d ago

After everything I've seen for ME3....trailers, previews, screenshots etc, I havent hardly seen any big RPG elements in the game

Just Shepard being a massive action hero, sliding over cover going in guns blazing with massive explosions in the background

Bioware has created a TPS action good, that is all

gillri2207d ago

well the most important bits of an RPG are characters and side quests which ME has in abundance, and not just fetch quests a la Skyrim

it would be an RPG for me without any character customisation but it has that as well so its defo an RPG

plus I also thought jusging ME2 from preview footage would all be about the shooting and set pieces, boy was I wrong

I bet this will be another 40 hour space journey epic just like the previous ones

Trenta272207d ago

How is it not a RPG? It stands for Role Playing Game. You make Shepard into whoever you want to be. You make the choices. Sure, it might some of the skill stuff might be dumbed down, but it is still a RPG nonetheless.

Godmars2902207d ago

You lose your crew after stopping in the literal middle of nowhere and packing yourself and all of your tactical crew into a shuttle to go *somewhere* which is never explained or played out.

Sure, you needed to do a rundown of the sensors with the new code or whatever, but why do you have to leave the ship? What did you have to do that required *EVERYONE*?

Trenta272207d ago

All I'm gonna saw, Godmars290, is read the books/novels.

Godmars2902207d ago

That I have to go outside of the game to find out such a thing, says how the game fails to tell a story.

RyuDrinksTheDew2207d ago

it will have the RPG elements, they just want to get the combat right.

the game has always had it share of action, its what people want.

why wouldnt they turn the action to 11 for the battle of the galaxy?

i cant wait for the battle of earth!!!!!