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EG: "Did Microsoft ruin Britain's greatest game studio? What went wrong? And who - or perhaps what - is to blame?"

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Xwow20082299d ago

No need for a long article(its good tho) Eurogame..its just 1 word:MS.
I still remember playing killer instinct(good times) on SNES, its sad see an once great studio fall.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32299d ago

The Rare that made KI isn't there anymore. The Rare that is today makes the stuff they want to make not what they're forced to make. If i have time I'll try to find the interview that popped up here a while ago that explained this. Hell, back in 2007 one of the higher ups at Rare called Ms out for spending more attention and money on Gears instead of Viva Piñata. Between Viva and Gears which do you think is more like the games the old Rare use to make? My point, if you missed it, is your ignorance concerning MS destroying the old Rare is just that, ignorance. I'm sure if Rare had put effort into a new Killer Instinct instead of Viva, we wouldn't be having this conversation.

Montrealien2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

simple minds need simple solutions Wraith, it is the n4g way.

the real story of why Rare left? The Stamper brothers sold it off made a pretty penny, played the game a while, then decided to get out of games in 2007 and develop land.

it's business people, not the days of our lives.

SilentNegotiator2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

A big part of Rare's downfall was that Microsoft forced Xbox LIVE on them. Kameo was pretty good. Then they made Viva Pinata (an okay game).

Then they turned Banjo-Kazooie into a game that revolved around vehicles.....and I don't think it's a coincidence that it also had online racing. They could always have made a sequel to an amazing platformer, through the studio that proved themselves with Viva Pinata and Kameo.....but then, how could they monetize THAT through the service people pay $60 a year for? Answer: they couldn't. Solution: Revolve it around something you could turn into online battles. Vehicles.

Then Kinect came along, and well, the rest is history. They make games with about a half hour's worth of fresh gameplay now.

People can pretend like this is solely because some left to form Free Radical Design/Crytek UK, but Microsoft's handling changed how a great studio did things, from Kameo to small Kinect titles.

Yes, because anyone without a big 'All Microsoft all the time' brain has a "simple mind"

BiggsnWedge2299d ago

does Rare really want to make games for the Kinect? Pretty sure they dont

Rare used to be good developers on snes and n64 the Microsoft ruined them

iChii2299d ago

Blaming MS won't bring Killer Instinct or old Donkey Kong games back, so stop blaming Microsoft already. -.-

darthv722298d ago

the real killer of rare was nintendo. Nintendo used them for their talents and then sold them off when they were done. MS came along and picked them up and gave them a platform that would let them be creative. Grabbed by the ghoulies was fun as was conker live and reloaded.

Rare is a shell of its former self just as square once was. These companies exist in name only and in the memories of us gamers who made them what they once were.

sikbeta2298d ago

Rare is not the same as the N64 Rare, the original crew left the company long ago, the guys who mage Goldeneye went to create Free Radical, now Crytek UK and others just leave the company, MS just bought the Brand/Name Rare

gamingdroid2298d ago

Did people read the article?

It's as if nobody read the article, jumped to conclusion and spouted nonsense.

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morkendo232298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

DUH!!! was it really nessasary skowhegan to write this WELL KNOWN info about the demise of RARE??
must been a SLOOOOW DAY at the office.

on topic:
SONY should have pick up RARE.

DrFUD2298d ago

Killer Instinct was so long ago I think Luke Skywalker played it on the Millenium Falcon.

Basically using Killer Instict as a reason why you think RARE means anything is fanboy. Hell I'd rather play a remake of Clay Fighter before Killer Instinct and I'm honest enough to know that would suck too.

kaveti66162298d ago

"Killer Instinct was so long ago I think Luke Skywalker played it on the Millenium Falcon."


Kurt Russell2298d ago

I still play the odd game of Killer Instinct, it's still my favourite beat-em-up and I would happily kill for an arcade cab of it.

Buzz7S2298d ago

MS? A word? Ha, how much I laughed. At least spell it correctly if you're going to blame the ones who funded their work.

Rare killed Rare. They signed their lives over to Microsoft and agreed to everything they wanted. They only have themselves to blame for the BS they are in now.

orange-skittle2298d ago

Moron. MS didnt kill Rare, Rare killed Rare. MS would've given them the money and resources to create games people wanted, but they want to make games equivalent to phone apps

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PamPoovey2299d ago


You can say they were going downhill before MS but you never know they might of picked themselfs back up. Maybe we would of gotten a true Banjo Threeie instead of Nuts and never know what would of happened if MS didn't enter the picture.

All I know is that MS cancelled the Conker sequel alongside a Kameo/Perfect Dark I would still pretty much blame them despite if Rare was already going downhill.

Captain Qwark 92299d ago

i dont think its ms, i think its a combination of ms, rare, and a changing market.

rares fault = perfect dark. the newest one was simply pathetic. that game could barely pass as a xbl title let alone a full retail release. i understand that certain expectations need to be lowered for launch titles but that game was just bad in every way. you can blame ms all day but in the end, rare made that mess

market=viva pinata/banjo. excellent games but they dont know which market their aiming at. both seem like kid games at face value however both games are far too deep for most children. excellent games, wrong market targeted.

somebody's fault=banjo should have gotten a true sequel to the games from the n64 days. n&b was great, but he needed to return to his old form first, once he reestablished himself in this age of gaming, you then create spin offs like nuts and bolts. dont come out from being dormant after many years and alienate all your old fans by changing your game completely, people forgive spin offs, not a complete genre change though

ms fault= not letting rare create killer instinct and conker sequels, real sequels. fans have been asking for years and considering mortal kombats success, violent fighting games have a demand. give it to them, not kinect sports. and as far as conker goes, his games may not sell well but they do have excellent gameplay and its in a genre sorely lacking on 360 so competition would be minimal. proper marketing and this game could easily do 1mil

overall it doesnt matter in the end, rare is dead. its sad but hopefully one day they will come back to creating core games with their established ips and some new ones but as of now, they're gone and it doesnt matter whos to blame.

Montrealien2299d ago

Don't bother going into details, most users here see it all in back and white. It is much easier for them to process.

Don't forget, most users here think MS and Sony are two giant robots fighting in the sky.

Captain Qwark 92299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )


your absolutely right, everyone wants to paint ms as the bad guy here like rare can do no harm yet they fail to realize that rare did make perfect dark, which was clearly nowhere near the quality it should have been.

kameo as well, decent game but nothing special. they lost the talent and Nintendo prob knew the talent was gone when they seen kameo and thats prob half the reason they let them go. after their first two failed attempts, ms took away their right to make what they wanted in hopes of recovering some of their losses.

in the end everyone is at fault, simple as that

JohnnyMann4202299d ago

I am sure MS didn't help, but we have to wonder what did Nintendo know that they let the flagship studio leave in the first place?

Maybe Nintendo knew Rare was going downhill and that is why they let them leave.

PamPoovey2299d ago

True but instead of letting them go they could of helped and sorted them out. If they did it would benefit them in the future so it's not like they can say there wasn't any point

JohnnyMann4202299d ago

@Pam maybe the magic that started Rare isn't there anymore.

Montrealien2299d ago

Just saying "the magic that started Rare" shows you are disconnected from reality.

JohnnyMann4202299d ago

Apparently @Montrealien hasn't heard of a "term" before and thought I was being literal. Who's the one not living in reality?

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hazardman2299d ago

yeah thats all true, but i think MS will probably do something better for next console. I mean they still have the Rare catalog right? I would love to see an HD remake of Battletoads, and also a next gen versions of Killer instincts, Perfect Dark and Kameo.. those 3 games, if made well, would make for great launch titles.

Sony3602299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )


There. I just saved you reading an entire article.

Read up about how Microsoft replaced Rare's studio manager with someone else so that they could focus solely on Kinect.

This is basically what we have to thank for Kinect Sports, instead of having a quality first party developer that could have been creating terrific 360 exclusives.

maniacmayhem2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

Rare was dead before MS picked them up. Over half the original team that made Rare a great dev left.

But like Pampoovy said it doesn't help that MS left Rare's IPs dormant for so long. I know the FPS market is saturated but a Perfect Dark done right would be great. I also loved Banjo Nuts and Bolts, great game,a sequel should be made. Conker was great but what made that game awesome was it was adult focused on a Nintendo machine, very different for that time.

Now it would be like every other game that throws out the F word every 5 minutes. Anyways, MS needs to put these guys back to work on their own games.

Baka-akaB2299d ago

i dont often agree with you , but i think you nailed it .

People dont realize that the most important folks of rare took off before MS bought it , during the ps2 era , with some of the staff even doing Timesplitters later on at Radical .

Then around the MS buy out , the founders of Rare took off .

There was hardly anything remotely looking like Rare then . It's hardly the first time this happens ... look at Blizzard , most of it's staff went away , even during the developpement of flawless hits ... but they were smart in their replacements , Rare wasnt .

maniacmayhem2299d ago

You don't often agree with me :-(

Baka-akaB2299d ago

lol now that i look at your history , it's not even you , but some 1 bubbles account with the same pic as you

Pikajew2299d ago

MS killed them because they made them work on bad games. They should have let them use their creativity to make great games.

ChiVoLok02298d ago

They should have done Conker: Live and Reloaded 2 but no...