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Submitted by predator 2973d ago | news

Sneaky Extra Stuff in Sony's Firmware 2.10

As well as providing DivX and WMV playback in the latest firmware as we revealed yesterday (which is now out, by the way) Sony have added a couple of really cool new features that aren't documented in the changelist. (PS3)

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iMad  +   2973d ago
Heh...that's not too many
1,2 or 3 games from about 100 being in development..:) yaeh he does't lie at this, but lie overal. Thouse 3 games are exeptions from the rule.
Multigamer  +   2973d ago
ha we will see, i bet they still look better on the 360 to
PStriple703  +   2973d ago
how do i get those 1080p ff13 videos on my ps3?
mighty_douche  +   2973d ago
ive been on the hunt...
and all i can dig up is crap mpeg4 "up-scaled" to 1080, ok but far from HD.
FamilyGuy  +   2973d ago
You know those "high quality" versions that were downloadable? Well they're Dvix codec and they can be played on the PS3 without ANY converting thanks to this latest update! Have fun, i already got them on mine as they look tons better than those upscaled/converted 1080p ones that you want.
predator  +   2973d ago
so how often do they release firmware updates guys?
Capt CHAOS  +   2973d ago
Very often by the sound of it.
Only takes one dev, one human error to bodge things up totally..
Each release carries a risk.
Darkiewonder  +   2973d ago
It's like once a month
but if sony said what they said in an interview. they won't do frequent updates starting in 2008 ;o
DARKKNIGHT  +   2973d ago
ummmm, i cant see the link.
predator  +   2973d ago
it seems the website is down at the moment.
nofilter  +   2973d ago
It's not down, it just dies when we get a spike in traffic like just now!
predator  +   2973d ago
u work for that website?
coolfool  +   2973d ago
Website down......
So what *IS* the extra sneaky stuff in the firmware then?
nofilter  +   2973d ago
Predator: Yes.
predator  +   2973d ago
cool, when do you think it will be back up mate?
nofilter  +   2973d ago
As soon as traffic dies down, sadly. It's a new music viz (planets) and movie thumbs now work if they're in a folder.
coolfool  +   2973d ago
+ Bubble for the feedbacks!
techie  +   2973d ago
Ring up your provider and get it sorted out...and buy yourself some more space :)

Oh and you could also add that the background of the internet browser is no longer blue, but the same background as the XMB :)
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Goldsack  +   2973d ago
here it is..
Firstly, they've added a new 'planet' music visualiser from our friends at Q Games (press 'square' when playing music) which has got to be the most amazing thing we've ever seen. They've also fixed the video thumbnails in folders not playing, and finally BD/DVD Dynamic Range Control has been tweaked for those late night sessions. With the recent changes the PS3 is now the ultimate Blu-ray player, and the first 1.1 Profile movies come out on the 1st of January.
jorellpogi  +   2973d ago
"With the recent changes the PS3 is now the ultimate Blu-ray player" - WOW! This is great news!
nofilter  +   2973d ago
>Deep. We're working on it now. I'm not the coder, but apologies for this. It's not a space issue, it's the way .net is handling the spike in visitors...
predator  +   2973d ago
you are using .net, i know little on .net so i cant give you any advice either, hope it gets sorted out for you soon dude
nofilter  +   2973d ago
Yeah, me too, it's embarrassing...

EDIT: that's my comment limit up on this post, sorry. If anyone can help, there's a contact section on the site if you manage to get on.

EDIT 2: should be much better now, hopefully...
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Ghoul  +   2973d ago
awesome visualiser

damn i really love my ps3 :P
MIAMIFROST  +   2973d ago
I like that visualizer idea....
I used to have a Panasonic 3DO back in the day and that had THE BEST music visualizer. You were able to control the trippy sequences with the control pad. Great little tool if you ever found yourself on acid. LOL !

PS3 FTW !!! ..there will soon be XBOX fanboys secretly buying PS3 nextyear. Wait and see.
Guwapo77  +   2973d ago
Oh word?
Finally, someone that use to own the 3DO. For the longest time I thought I was the only one...LoL. Anywho, yeah they had the best visualization and I'm so surprised that idea wasn't taken years ago.
aiphanes  +   2973d ago
And it play xvid and VC-1 and VMV and Divx tested all and all work..
Either streaming or directly from the harddrive.

Can the Xbox 360 do all this? nope....i do not think so...

Somebody also said the Xbox 360 UI in video playback was better than the PS3s UI...what crack are they not get me wrong i like the xbox 360...but in video playback the PS3 has it beat...DVD upscalling is better in the PS3 and the UI when playing back vidoes or music is way better on the PS3.
WilliamRLBaker  +   2973d ago
your a sony fanboy and a liar
Not all xvid files will play, nor WMV files, nor DIVX files, dont lie man it makes you look silly.
face it 360's divx implimentation is vastly better then ps3s.

Whats the point of releaseing a firmware update and then having secret updates within that and not telling people about it? this is why sony has to release firmware updates once a month.

I've come up againest a few xvid movies that wont play, Like a recent download of Pirates 3 i downloaded it plays fine on the 360 streaming but not the ps3.
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Edwin1989  +   2973d ago
Blaker please move your @$S out of the PS3 section, you only bash it
Ghoul  +   2973d ago

pay for your movies damnit

Divx is not about piracy looser
demolitionX  +   2973d ago
baker u loser, PS3 is DivX certified!
solidt12  +   2973d ago
He's not lying. All of those format are playable on the PS3. I have tried it myself. The Xbox 360 works well while streaming divx video, but I have several files that wouldn't play. VC-1 does not work on the 360 but I was able to play them on my PS3 which made me happy. I have alot of VC-1 Divx files and it is getting more popular on the Internet
mighty_douche  +   2973d ago
super easy if you have Vista. Nearly as easy through Nero and Tversity.

For people unsure how to connect their PC and PS3, heres a get link that help for me and many others....

Just tried a few Divx movies and the quality through simple Media Player 11 is fantasic, better than running a VGA straight from the PC and using VLC or WMP.

Sure ive found a few that dont work, due to various versons of Dvix and whatnot, but im sure a few updates down the road we'll be all set! Great stuff.

Oh and copy straight to your hard drive for future viewing (saves having both PC and PS3 on ($$$)), thats the biggest plus point of all! Fantasic update i think.
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tfur  +   2973d ago
web browser
I like that fact the the web browser is really fast now. I also go to gametrailers and gamersyde and download any WMV or Quicktime that they have.

It works really well... I have been using TVersity since it is superior to the Windows Media DLNA server product, but this update makes TVersity less needed.
Rice  +   2973d ago
OMg that planet thing is so SICK.
DJ  +   2973d ago
The planet visualizer is so awesome
You guys gotta see it in motion if you haven't tried it out already. Press 'square' while playing music.
Ghoul  +   2973d ago

its deeply aesthetic

sorry guys but the 360 has no chance on the design part thats where the ps3 won by a quantum leap, 360 toy interface ps3 design interface.
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Ghoul  +   2973d ago
dbl post
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Darkiewonder  +   2973d ago
the remote play to play the downloadable ps1 game works! smart move. because i ran out of memory on the stick lol!

Thanks Sony!
Godoftheweek  +   2973d ago
Visualizer Control
You can control (the direction and speed) of the planet(s) using the right analog stick. You can also do this with the default visualizer that the PS3 had from the getgo. Change color, speed, effect is all I can do so far.
FYI the original PSX with the I/O ports also had a controllable visualizer, you could do even more cool stuff and this was back in 1995.
C'mon Sony, use some of the PS3's muscle and let us customize and REALLY control the music visualizers.

Related image(s)
Multigamer  +   2973d ago
shows how little you sony guys have if this is so good, ha
Godoftheweek  +   2973d ago
Gowrsh darn diggily dang it....Yer right
Yes, why can's Sony implement a RROD? Why not re-release the PS2 Slim with a motion controller and call it a NEW SYSTEM?
Why cant Sony use friends codes?
Why cant Sony force us to buy proprietary peripherals that ONLY work with the PS3?
Why cant Sony use 10+ year old DVD technology so that by the time 2008 is over developers will be kicking and screaming about having to use to much of the CPU for compression and having to cut out to much stuff.
Why cant Sony NOT have a hard disc drive in every single PS3 out there?
Why cant Sony use 20+ year old characters and franchises and NOT continually come out with fresh IP's that define the Playstation of the past and present?

What else am I missing Multigamer?
mighty_douche  +   2973d ago
pacman615  +   2973d ago
hard gay....
all i have to say is that was one of the best comebacks i have seen in a while , funny chit , i bet he wont ever respond back , what a lowlife , you avatar looks like the gay lawnmower man from season 2 on the chappelles show, i cant help to say it but that chit is hilarious......bubbles for you
DeejayTai  +   2973d ago
Don't hate... just get your a$$ out there and buy a ps3. You KNOW you want one!
ban fans  +   2973d ago
Will all this come on disc or do I have get it through the internet.
I don't have broadband at home so I would have to drag my system to work to download it. Really don't want to have to do that. Any info would be helpful.
Godoftheweek  +   2973d ago
DL it to a SD card, a memory stick from and transfer the file to your PS3.
ban fans  +   2973d ago
Great info! Appreciate the help.
StateofMind  +   2973d ago
The PS1 Remote Play thing is true. You can now play any PS1 game (download or disc) on your PSP through Remote Play. Remote Play works anywhere with a WiFi connection, or it can connect through your PS3 locally (the PS3 acts like a hub of sorts).

That's right, you can now lay in bed with a bag of Cheetos and play FFVII. Or take a vacation to some exotic location and play FFVII in the hotel the entire time.

That is a pretty amazing stealth update...
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GameHero  +   2973d ago
We think this is one of those features "sneaked in" by Sony, I can't confirm because I'm at work right now. If this is true that would ROCK!
StateofMind  +   2973d ago
It's true. All PS1 games, downloaded or on disc.
#24.1 (Edited 2973d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
solidt12  +   2973d ago
They are making the move to make more PS3 games playable via Remote play also. LAIR is playable on the PSP via Remote play but I think that is it for now.
GameHero  +   2973d ago
It just keeps getting better wit every new firmware!

State of mind
Armyless  +   2973d ago
I would PAY for each planet.
Hear me Sony?

Charge me buck for any planet I would download them all.

This visualizer is s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g in 1080p.
Maddens Raiders  +   2973d ago
o_0 -
jorellpogi  +   2973d ago
PS3 is subtlely becoming the ultimate entertainment center that every home should have.
INehalemEXI  +   2973d ago
I notice you can listen to music while browsing photos now. The psp could do this for awhile but my ps3 wouldnt but now it does.
DJ  +   2973d ago
Wait, seriously?
Ok, Sony needs to start listing all the capabilities of their firmware updates or something. Then again, it's kind of fun doing these easter egg hunts every month or so.
Siesser  +   2973d ago
I've never had an issue going through photos while music was playing, and vice-versa, even before this update. The sytem's been capable of that since launch, as long as you use the home button to move between the two, isntead of backing out with circle. It's how you could make a slideshow with a soundtrack, for instance.
SSCOOLCHEA  +   2973d ago
I have downloaded the update . What I did was copy all my xvid files into the memory card . But I didnt copy it to the ps3 hard drive . When I play the video it starts and you can see the video for 5 to 10 seconds and the ps3 tells me it cannot play the content . any suggestion ?
Achievement Unlocked  +   2973d ago
Just like they listed the rootkits they installed on so many computers.

Sony exec., "who even knows what a rootkit is?"

lol sony is spying on you ps3 owners. collecting your information so they can cash in if the ps3 keeps going down the drain.

wow i wasnt even high and i came up with that.

it was a joke before you turds start flaming me.
LinuxGuru  +   2973d ago
had me goin there for a on-board defense lasers were beginning to warm up...

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